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Critical Juncture for Crop Basis & Your Marketing Strategy for the Remainder of ’22 Crop

On this episode of the Purdue Commercial AgCast, Nathanael Thompson and James Mintert explore what’s been taking place in the Eastern Corn Belt on corn basis, the May/July CBT corn spread, as well as the July/September CBT corn spread, and discuss how you might pursue some marketing strategies for the remainder of the ’22 crop that you might have in storage. 

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10 Questions That Need to Be Addressed When Considering Farm Growth

Is your farming operation considering farm growth in the near future? Michael Langemeier discusses farm growth with Farm Marketer’s Tracy Brunet on the Impact Farming podcast.

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Financial & Risk Management Strategies for 2023 at Commodity Classic

Purdue ag economists James Mintert & Michael Langemeier shared key lessons from 2022 and help producers plan for the financial and risk management realities of 2023. Live from Orlando, Florida at the 2023 Commodity Classic Learning Center Session on March 9, 2023.

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February Corn & Soybean Outlook Update

Recorded February 10 | Purdue agricultural economists Nathanael Thompson, Michael Langemeier, and James Mintert discussed the corn and soybean outlook following USDA’s February World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report and provided implications for crop marketing strategies.

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Thinking Like A CFO for Your Farm Operation

A farm manager who thinks like a CFO can leverage balance sheet and cash flow information to develop accrual income, sources and uses of funds, and owner’s equity statements which can be used to ensure the farm is well positioned for the future. Join Purdue ag economists Michael Langemeier and James Mintert for an episode discussing why you should think like a CFO for your farm operation.

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Importance of Crop Basis when Marketing Grain

Basis is an important component for crop producers to consider when marketing grain because it is used to convert the futures price to a local cash equivalent. Futures prices and basis follow different seasonal patterns so the ability to manage futures price risk and basis risk independently creates an opportunity to improve returns. Join Purdue ag economists and co-creators of the Purdue Crop Basis Tool, Nathan Thompson and Jim Mintert for an episode discussing the advantages of using the Center’s Crop Basis Tool.

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December Corn & Soybean Outlook Update

Recorded December 19 | Purdue ag economists discuss a longer-term view of the changing cost structure facing corn and soybean prices, key factors likely to impact corn and soybean prices in 2023 and discussed how to use scenario’s when analyzing price risk and making marketing decisions.

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November Corn & Soybean Outlook Update

Recorded November 11 | Purdue ag economists discussed USDA’s November Crop Production and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) reports and the current corn and soybean outlook.

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September Corn & Soybean Outlook Update

Recorded September 16 | Purdue ag economists discussed USDA’s September Crop Production and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) reports.

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Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rental Rates: 2022 Update Webinar

Recorded August 24 | Purdue ag economists break down the Purdue Farmland Values and Cash Rents Survey results and the USDA Land Values report.

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