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Spring 2020 Crop Outlook Webinar

Spring 2020 Crop Outlook webinar, April 1

Recorded April 1, 2020 | Purdue agricultural economists Michael Langemeier and James Mintert provide updated information from USDA’s March 31st release of their Prospective Plantings and Grain Stocks reports along with implications of COVID-19 on the outlook for corn and soybeans.

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U.S. Is A Pork Export Powerhouse

Recent disruptions to economic activity around the world as a result of the Corona virus have served to reemphasize the importance of trade to the U.S. pork industry. Trade in pork products has grown as the U.S. has turned into a pork export powerhouse.

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Farm Management Strategies in Times of Rising Volatility at Commodity Classic 2020

The Commodity Classic learning center session presentation slidedeck by the Center’s James Mintert, Michael Langemeier and Jason Henderson, and CME Group’s Fred Seamon, given in San Antonio.

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Making Your 2020 Crop Insurance Decisions Webinar

Making Your 2020 Crop Insurance Decisions webinar, recorded Feb. 24

Recorded February 24, 2020 | Purdue agricultural economists, Nathan Thompson and James Mintert discuss 2020 crop insurance choices and provide insight into decision making for corn and soybean farmers.

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2020-02 Ag Outlook

Ag Outlook on Feb. 18, James Mintert

The Ag Outlook slidedeck presentation by James Mintert.

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Improving Your Crop Marketing Skills

The slidedeck presented by the Center’s James Mintert and Nathan Thompson during the crop marketing presentation at our Crop Marketing & Farm Finance Workshops. The session focus was on learning about your local basis patterns and how you can take advantage of that knowledge to improve profitability on your farming operation and reduce risk.

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Ag Outlook: Looking Beyond the 2020 Crop Year

Ag Outlook, Top Farmer 2020 slidedeck presentation by Chad Hart, Associate Professor of Economics, Iowa State University.

Top Farmer 2020 slidedeck presentation by Chad Hart, Associate Professor of Economics, Iowa State University. Examine the current outlook for corn and soybeans, but also take a longer view of what’s ahead for the U.S. ag economy and the management implications for the next several years.

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2020 Ag Outlook

2020 Ag Outlook Webinar, Recorded December 19, 2019

Recorded December 19, 2019 | Michael Langemeier and Jim Mintert provide an overview of key supply and demand drivers for corn and soybeans, examines basis patterns and possible storage returns, provides updated 2020 crop budget projections, and takes a first look at pricing opportunities for the 2020 corn and soybean crops.

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2019-12 PAER: 2020 Agricultural Outlook Issue

Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (PAER): 2020 Agricultural Outlook Issue, December 2019

Welcome to our annual outlook issue of the Purdue Ag Econ Report (PAER), where we look back at last year and ahead at economic conditions for agriculture in 2020. This year we are diving into the following topics: the U.S. economy, trade conflict impacts, food prices, animal industries, corn & soybeans, and cash rents and land values.

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What Do Farmers Have to Say About the Ag Economy?

2019 Ag Policy Forum, hosted by the Indiana Soybean Alliance & Indiana Corn Growers Association in Noblesville, Indiana, presentation by James Mintert.

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