Ag Data Services

The Future of Discovery: Data-Powered and Barrier-Free

Since the ancient stargazers of Babylon first looked up from their fields to scan the heavens, data has sat at the very heart of human knowledge and progress. The scientific advancements in the millennia following culminated in the data-powered revolution we’re experiencing in the College of

Imagine a data-driven future where barriers vanish, progress accelerates, and discoveries illuminate newfnr-summer-practicum.jpg frontiers. This future is now! We're empowering researchers to push boundaries and make groundbreaking connections by unleashing data's limitless potential.

The growth of a sustainable future will be charted by bold explorers in food, life, and natural resource sciences; powered by data, driving toward the horizon of discovery without limits. Let’s charge ahead on this adventure to revolutionary ideas fueled by petabytes, algorithms, and scientific passion!

Our Mission – Empowering Data-Driven Discoveries

The Ag Data Services team stands ready to collaborate with scientists, unleashing data's potential in new ways, ensuring the creation of high-value reusable data, and igniting a culture of stellar data practices.

The Results

Scientists in the college are prepared to take on tomorrow's world, they drive impactful discoveries and innovations through reproducible research, and make greater contributions to the advancement of society. The future is here and it's powered by data!

Solutions Tailored to You

The ADS team provides data solutions personalized to each researcher's needs, including:nathan-denny.jpg

  • Bespoke Strategy: We collaborate with you to map out a customized end-to-end data strategies aligned to your specific research goals.
  • Seamless Data Enhancement: We build tailored data workflows that seamlessly bridge gaps across your data lifecycle, creating higher value data and simplifying your processes from collection to analysis.
  • Proactive Data Stewardship: We proactively manage your data organization needs, increasing data fluency, so you can stay focused on discoveries.
  • Unlocked Data Insights: We provide you with expertise in advanced analytical techniques to help you unlock deep insights from your data.
  • Enriched Data Skills: We equip you with customized data skills workshops and training tailored to your specific needs, strengthening your ability to maximize the value of your data.

Jarrod Doucette  |  Director, Ag Data Services
Agriculture Research and Graduate Education  |  College of Agriculture IT