Class Photos 1960 - 1971

Class Photos 1960 - 1971

1960 January Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1960.PRI.001) Left to Right 1st Row – Jesse E. Coil, Nathan M. Fouch, Dwight R. McCurdy, Thomas J. Smith, Ricahrd Hallman 2nd Row – Nicholas Frank Haubry, Eugene D. Chovinard, George S. Woodbury, Russell F. Adams, Benjamin O. Coppers, Richard D. McNabb Missing – Robert D. Burke
1960 June Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1960.PRI.006) Left to Right 1st Row – G. Smith, G. Van Putten, D. Torrence, A. Blance, D. Dierking, W. Hedges, R. Allen, M. Weadick, W. Beineke, J. Hoel, J. Barratt, G. Poorman 2nd Row – W. Thomas, B. Williams, G. Praed, R. Reid, R. Wurstner, B. Hamrick, J. Rogers, R. Cleaver, G. Schlaeger, P. Petty, L. Phillips, J. Korp, P. Reid, R. Lentz, F. Brown, W.C. Bramble Missing – J. Flack, F. Hoover, J. Huddleston, R. Sherman
1961 June Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1961.PRI.001) Left to Right 1st Row – Donald L. Vergin, Don R. Mitchell (Jan. 1962), Robert S. Kirkman, Frederick W. Freund, John G. Irwin, John W. Tritch, William G. Baranyay, Jr., Peter J. Van Emon, Gilbert Streeter 2nd Row – Charles R. Weimer, Robert K. Ballantyne, C. Arthur Martin, Donald L. Copes, Ronald G. Rayburn (Jan. 1962), W. Bryan Barnes, Jr., Tom P. Bunger, Carl L. Hagstrom, David A. Fisher (Jan. 1962), Kenneth Kemp, Hal K. Worthington, Stanley E. Brandt (June 1962), David L. Naugle Missing – John Karp, Frederick W. Frenzel (Jan. 1962), Edward G. Bennett (Jan. 1962), James Richey (Jan. 1962), Larry I. Wert (Jan. 1962), Charles L. Wright (Jan. 1962)
1964 May Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1964. PRI.006) Left to Right 1st Row – Bill Webb, Dan McMahon, G.H. Weaver, James Criswell, James Reeves, Bill Bakeis, Terry Martin, Jeff Jones, Bruce Bare 2nd Row – James D. Waddell, Robert Stockfleth, Clyde Mason, Ron Hunt, F. Eikenberry, Frank Gottbrath, Charles Bredeson, Edward Hartsell, Dave Nelson, Tom Dillon, Craig Grant
1970 or 1971 Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1970.PRI.009) Left to Right 1st Row – Dan Gosnell, Jim Carter, Greg Clymer, Fred Trosky, Denny Hammer, Mike Bourke, Dave Hanson, Harold Bruner 2nd Row – Phil Pickett, Wally, Beineke, W.C. Bramble, Eric Stark, Dick Byrnes, Clair Merritt, Dave Linn, Tom Beers, John Moser, Jim Beck, Charlie Miller, Mike Toole, Don Stump, John Seneft, Jim Bsrnhart, Randy Moser, Larry Jones, Jude Richardson 3rd Row – Ronnie Linville, Dale Hirstein, Mike Coggeshall, Ron Kummer, Marv Shonk, Ben Hubbard, Mike Baldwin, John Dwyer, Dave Jenkins, Larry Snyder, Terry Alderfer, Joe Schuerman
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