Class Photos

Class Photos

With Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources as the number one FNR program in the state and ranked number five in the Sportsmen Friendly Institutions, Best Colege with Fishing and Fisheries Science, Best College for Hunters & Anglers and Most Popular Colleges Offering Degrees in Natural Resources, we continue to honor our alumni. Enjoy viewing our class photos. View our rankings, About Us.

Class Photos 1938 to 1949

1950 - 1959 1960 - 1971

1938 Forestry Graduates 1938 Forestry Graduates Photo taken by Williamson a member of the class. FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1938.PRI) Left to Right Front Row – Young, Walters, Brown, Plumb, Prof. Geltz and son, Kuzmitz, Moore Back Row – Scatterday, LeMasters, Cummins, Eckert, Gamso, Hildebrand, Guyer, House, Adsit, Liming
1941 Forestry Graduates 1941 Forestry Graduates (FNR archives Accession No. FNR.1941.PRI.002) Left to Right 1st Row – Hesterburg, Fuller, De Stefano, Peterson, Brackman, Park 2nd Row – Kelsey, Britt, Beeler, Manson, Schaich, Winchell, Karr, Shaw, Smith, Bausman, Miller, Blackwell, Bartlett, Scott
1942 June Forestry Graduates 1942 June Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1942.PRI.011) Left to Right Kneeling – John Van Camp, Bill Culmer, Don Grant, Sitting – Carl Hoelzer Standing – Walter McCullough, Larry Schneider, Bill Miller, Wesley Wallace, Dan Goodheart, John Winship, Fred Fahrenholz, Leslie Glargow
1943 Forestry Graduates 1943 Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1943.PRI.003) Left to Right Kneeling – Suddarth*, Klein*, Meiners, Corpenning, Brown* Standing - Fix*, Gaudy, Myers, Abernathy, Shead, MacKay, Boynton, Hutchins, Phillips*
1947 Forestry Graduates 1947 Forestry Graduates (FNR Achieves Accession No. FNR.1947.PRI.001.A) Left to Right 1st Row – Curson, Miller, DeGroot, Sloan 2nd Row – Reed, Treadwell, Singleton, W.T. Johnson, Murphy "The shorties" – Phil Meinzer, Barbara Cuppy Back Row – Gavit, Weber, Ball, Caster, Weaver, McVey
1948 Forestry Graduates 1948 Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1948.PRI.002C) Left to Right 1st Row – Wayne Meek, Fred Whitmore, Robert LaShorne, George Deardorf, Phil Bonnell, Russ Weller 2nd Row – Don Arnott, Ross Anderson, Ed Langton, John Guthrie, Glenn Larie, John Hall, Jim Walsh, John Hillsamer 3rd Row – Bob Hollowell, Tom Curley, Irv Carpenter, Bob Packman, Bob Hitt, Connie Shelland, John Bell, Tom Ferguson
1948 January Forestry Graduates 1948 January Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1948.PRI.001) Left to Right 1st Row (kneeling) – James Newman, Ellison Madden, George Blain, Marion Haxele 2nd Row – B.J. Baker, Richard Prasil, Sherman Oates (June 1948) 3rd Row – C.S. Anderson (Ex), Russell Mumford, Tom Makey, Don Bylsma
1948 Forestry Students 1948 Forestry Students Bottom Row: Bob Mitchell, Lou Simmons, Jack Paterson, Jim Rordon, Bob Nelson, Tom Drake, John Stineman, Claude Curry, Carl Sandford, Dick Burry First Row: (left to right) Dwight Auman, Henry Hays, R.M. Hiatt, P.J. Otterbach, George Korvatch, George Stewart, Art Bloch, Unknown, Bob Gillie, Gene Wilson, Herb Allender, Phil Torrell, Stan Foxworthy, Roger Voyles Second Row: Wallace Disney, Clyde Worrick, Bill Colgrove, Don Howerton, Bob Demoss, Rod Owens, Bill Krayer, Bob Davis, Jim Deane, Bob Klevorn, John Shreve, Sam Williams, Lou Herron, W.C. Tappan, Ralph McClellan Third Row: Don Maguire, Bob Dehls, Ford Critchell, R.D. Johnson, Don Goodwin, Bob Alexander, Glenn Brown, Hugh Jordan, Ralph Milligan, Charley Heavrin, Dick Cook, Bob Walker, Bud Winter
1949 January Forestry Graduates 1949 January Forestry Graduates (FNR Archives Accession No. FNR.1949.PRI.001 Left to Right Kneeling – Herb Krauch, Tom Kinder, Wright, Richard Bonnell, Ed Sosbe Standing – George Atley, Furlow, John Eaton, Robert Perkins, Michel, Woodling, Frank Winston, Larson
1949 June Forestry Graduates 1949 June Forestry Graduates (FNR archives Accession No. FNR.1949.PRI.002) Left to Right Sitting – Clark, Barkeley, Daugherty, Gillette, Stevens, Smith, Hess or Hass, Holt Kneeling – Marsicek, Grimm, Loftus, Bowser, Fleener, R. Williams, Goodrich, Fritz, Frantz Standing – Mitchell, Paul Huffman, Jim Bylsma, Tex Eaton, BaRoss (?), Van Matre, Keck, Kirkpatrick, Scholten, Whittern, Meyer, Mooney, Zurney, Cooper, Van Allen
Trent Osmon speaks to a group of students in the forest
Trent Osmon Named 2023 FNR Distinguished Alumnus

Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources is proud to honor Trent Osmon with its 2023 FNR...

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Dave Case delivers a keynote speech
FNR Names Dave Case as 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources is proud to name Dave Case as its 2023 FNR Lifetime...

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Mikaela Agresta spraying invasive species with a UTV sprayer.
FNR Field Report: Mikaela Agresta

Mikaela Agresta, who completed her degree in forestry with a minor in wildlife science in May...

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Photo of front of Purdue Memorial Union
Purdue ASEC to Recognize Distinguished Alumni September 15

Abigail Borron, Aaron McKim, and Travis Park to receive ASEC Distinguished Alumni awards.

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Shedd Aquarium research biologist Austin Happel with Purdue master's student Luke McGill holding acoustic sensors for a fish tracking project
Alumnus Austin Happel Turns Curiosity about Fish, Pet Store Job into Career at Shedd Aquarium

Growing up in Huntertown, Indiana, Austin Happel could often be found playing in the woods and a...

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Representatives from Purdue FNR and Bartlett Tree Company with the donated chipper. From left to right: Liz Jackson, Liz Flaherty, Brian Beheler, Forest Summerfield and Ben McCallister from FNR and Scott Jamieson, Sean Rock, Kyle Armstrong and Zach Nemeth from Bartlett
Bartlett Tree Experts Donates Chipper to Urban Forestry Program

Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources has added a chipper to its list of machinery available for...

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