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Student measuring tree in forest along with second student using forestry tools for circumference, Summer Practicum, forestry.
Majors & Minors
The FNR Undergraduate Program is one of the Bachelors of Science degree granting departments in Purdue’s College of Agriculture. FNR houses 30+ faculty and approximately 270 undergraduate students. Three majors are offered: Aquatic Sciences, Forestry, and Wildlife. Additionally, six minors are offered, which include: Fisheries, and Aquatic Sciences, Forest Ecosystems, Furniture Design, Urban Forestry, Wildlife, and Wood Products.
Students on bluff with rock at FNR Summer Practicum.
Forestry students have been retreating to the woods for over 80 summers, gaining first-hand knowledge and practical field experience no classroom lecture can match. And while many schools are scaling back their summer camp programs, Purdue has expanded the program to include students majoring in aquatic sciences and wildlife. Summer PracticumMarine Biology PracticumDesert Practicum.
Students sitting at table eating dinner at FNR gathering to learn more about FNR..
Learning Community
Enhance your understanding of the natural environment, examine controversial topics in natural resources, and gain an appreciation for disciplines and professions in Aquatic Sciences, Forestry, and Wildlife.
Study abroad group photo from Costa Rica.
Study Abroad
Study Abroad gives student opportunities for unique international experiences, to make new friends and gain important skills.

Student organizations will expand your college experience, helping you build a personal network with Purdue FNR peers, industry professionals and alumni. Participating in a student organization will provide you with opportunities to receive valuable insight on job prospects, industry news, internships and unique experiences.

The FNR Student Services is a hub of support at Purdue for FNR students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public.

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Brood X Cicadas
Researchers Investigate Effects of 2021 Cicada Emergence

When the 17-year cicada emergence event occurred in 2021, researchers wondered how this sudden...

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Students on the Sweden study abroad trip stand in front of a church
FNR Field Reports: Lucas Cacula Offers Week 2 Update from Sweden Study Abroad Program

Throughout the 2024 Sustainable Natural Resources study abroad course in Sweden, FNR...

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The view over what used to be covered by the Baltic Sea; part of the Linnaeus trail
FNR Field Reports: Sophia DeMoss Offers Week 1 Update from Sweden Study Abroad Program

Throughout the 2024 Sustainable Natural Resources study abroad course in Sweden, FNR...

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FNR Outstanding Freshman Lydia Pultorak holds a Northern Saw-Whet Owl, Lydia measures a bird while bird banding, Lydia uses a pair of binoculars while birding
Meet FNR Outstanding Freshman Lydia Pultorak

Lydia Pultorak, a first-year wildlife major and forest ecosystems minor, has made her presence...

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The Costa Rica study abroad group stands next to the entrance sign for Corcovado National Park.
Students Experience Diverse Ecosystems, Biodiversity on Costa Rica Study Abroad Trip

The Costa Rica Natural History study abroad course offers students the opportunity to explore...

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Beca Appelmann stands next to her research poster; Beca holds her dog on a beach; Beca holds a Northern Saw-whet Owl
Meet FNR Outstanding Sophomore Beca Appelmann

Wildlife major Rebeca Appelmann has been selected as FNR’s Outstanding Sophomore for...

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