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75th Annual Corn Improvement Conference

The Corn Improvement Conference (formerly Northeastern Corn Improvement Conference or NECIC) facilitates information sharing and research collaboration on what is arguably the most important agricultural crop in the northeastern U.S. and beyond.

Stakeholders that benefit from the Corn Improvement Conference include dairy and livestock producers (the largest agricultural enterprise in several major states and a business that continues to grow), corn grain producers who have increased their acreage for both traditional grain markets and ethanol production facilities, and a rapidly growing group of both "non-GMO" and organic grain and dairy producers.

All of these groups need regionally appropriate germplasm testing and pest management information that is tailored for the changing climate conditions experienced during the crop cycle in the US and Canada and in expanding corn production areas. Results from agronomic research help to keep abreast of the latest technological developments and production issues, and knowledge about the realities of corn producers across the region and beyond are made apparent to and serve to guide the efforts of cutting-edge researchers.

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