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Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Team Award

Innovative methods and constant collaboration are key to achieving the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment’s (HEE) goal of understanding the impacts of forest management on, not just one facet of the ecosystem, but the complex, intricately linked forest ecosystems of Indiana and the Central Hardwoods Region.

While research is an integral part of the HEE, Extension, and outreach are fundamental to the overall goals of the project. The focus has not been isolated to professional training and education but also includes engaging the public on their concerns regarding forest management.

Research from the HEE has directly informed environmental policy and management by multiple agencies within the state of Indiana. Over 80 scientific and extension publications using HEE research are key references for numerous resource managers and scientists across the Midwest.

Come celebrate their accomplishments on January 10th at 10:30 am at Pfendler Hall room 241.

To learn more about the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment team, visit the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment’s (HEE) website.

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