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Hydroponics and Greenhouse Crop Production Webinars

Choose all webinars you wish to attend for the Purdue Hydroponics and Greenhouse Crop Production Webinar Series (2024).

Register here for all webinars:

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  1. Nutrient Management in Recycling Hydroponic Systems (April 15, noon to 1 pm)
  2. Temperature Management (Summer/ Winter) in Greenhouses (May 15, noon to 1 pm)
  3. Organic Lettuce Production in Hydroponic Systems (June 12, noon to 1 pm)
  4. How to Build an Indoor Hydroponic Production System for Homes and Schools (Aug 21, noon to 1 pm)
  5. Fundamentals of Soilless Substrates for Floriculture Crop Production (Sep 18, noon to 1 pm)

Contact Lori Jolly-Brown for any questions.
Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Extension Events & Communications Coordinator
Telephone: 765-494-1296

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