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Wildlife Habitat Restoration Field Day: Lake County

Wildlife is important to many landowners. Observing different species of animals brings great enjoyment to many people. Others will also enjoy hunting game species. Both of these practices help the state economically and provide funds for the management of our natural resources. However, with poor habitat people will have smaller amounts of wildlife to observe or hunt. There are certain management activities that people can perform to improve their property for wildlife. By managing wildlife habitat on your property in a variety of ways to provide these basic needs, you can attract more diverse groups of wildlife. Encouraging different plant species will make areas more suitable for many species of wildlife.

Topics will include warm season grass management, forest management for wildlife, and invasive species management. There will also be information on programs that can help with implementing these practices. Speakers include Extension Educators Summer Brown (Jasper County), Jessica Outcalt (Cass County), and Phil Woolery (Starke/Pulaski County), and Don Carlson, Purdue Forester.

The event is 9-noon CT or 10-1 ET.

Note: This will be a 3 hour program with walking in rough terrain

To register, please contact the extension office at (574) 772-9141 or or fill out this qualtrics survey.

To learn more about this event, please visit Indiana Forestry & Woodland Owners Association.

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