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Landscape of Iceland

Agriculture and Natural Resources in Iceland

Agriculture and natural resources in Iceland

  • Iceland | May 4-17, 2024
  • Credits: AGR 49300 – 3 credit​s
  • Cost for 2024: $6100 which includes airfare, accommodation, admission fees, transportation in country, 3 credits, international medical insurance, some meals. It does not include some meals, personal expenses or souvenirs.

Elizabeth Byers-Doten

Christine Wilson

This program will focus on non-traditional agriculture in Iceland (hydroponics, greenhouses, etc.) and natural resources (geothermal energy, glaciers, geysirs) in Iceland. Iceland is a very unique agriculture country because of the geological makeup of the country. A large majority of the land in Iceland is either glacial or volcanic rock. Because of this, Iceland has to explore unique ways to grow and import food to feed their country. There is no other place like Iceland in the world when referring to the geological makeup and topography.
Students will visit farms in Iceland, learn from lecturers at the Icelandic Agriculture University, and tour geologic wonders with our in-country guide. 

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