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National ag education organization honors 11 faculty and students from Purdue

Eleven faculty members and students from the Purdue University College of Agriculture have been honored by the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) for outstanding achievements in educational outreach.

The Purdue recipients are:

NACTA Graduate Student Teacher Award

Emma Allen, graduate teaching assistant, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

Shalyse Iseminger, graduate teaching assistant, Agricultural Sciences Education, Communication, graduate administrative student with the Office of Multicultural Programs. 

Kami Knies, graduate assistant, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

Jaclyn Leeuw, graduate research assistant, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

Elise Lofgren, post-doctorate research associate and graduate research assistant, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

NACTA Teacher Educator Award 

Elizabeth Flaherty, assistant professor of wildlife ecology and habitat management, Forestry and Natural Resources.

Reuben Goforth, associate professor of aquatic ecosystems, Forestry and Natural Resources.

Kathryn Orvis, associate professor, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication.

NACTA Teacher-Scholar Award

Elizabeth Karcher, assistant professor, Animal Sciences

Pamala Morris – assistant dean in the College of Agriculture, assistant dean of Office of Multicultural Programs, professor, of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

NACTA Distinguished Educator Award

J. Marcos Fernandez, associate dean and director of academic programs, professor of animal Sciences

NACTA was established in 1995 to promote discussion among educators and enhance post-secondary scholarship in agricultural fields. In addition to honoring educators, NACTA hosts an annual conference and publishes a journal of pedagogical methods and debates. The organization is comprised of public and private colleges and universities with programs in agriculture.

More information about NACTA

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