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Using Trello on Your Farm

“New to me”… a term we casually toss out when describing a secondhand purchase, but one that is hardly used when discussing technology.  In this world of rapidly evolving tech, it is easy to find yourself falling behind on all of the latest apps, devices and tools.

Dennis Buckmaster explaining Trello

This video contains a quick guide to Trello, a FREE web-based cross-platform tool. While Trello is by no means new, as it has been around almost 10 years, agricultural managers may still be unaware of this asset.  Think of this as a back office whiteboard available to you and your employees wherever you are.

Giving credit where it is due, Dennis Buckmaster, featured in this video, learned about Trello from his colleague and friend at the Open Ag Technology and Systems (OATS) Center, Aaron Ault.  Aaron, a full-time farmer and part-time research engineer at Purdue, is always looking at the edge of what is possible with tech in agriculture.

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