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2020 News & Stories

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Purdue College of Agriculture.

Untangling Indiana’s wool industry: A snapshot of Hoosier sheep farming

tractor and grain cart

Meet LoRa, Your New Best Friend

excel spreadsheet pivot table

Extend the Power of Your Spreadsheets

Purdue College of Agriculture.

GROW Your Field Knowledge with New App


Why ginger is at the root of holiday traditions

cows in a field

For Mark Russell working with animals is all about the people


Biochemistry Ph.D. graduate recognized for groundbreaking research in the Middle East

Soybean Field with Grain Bins

WHIN-Purdue Agriculture: December 2020 Updates

yellow book

Behind the Research: Ben Hancock

Adebukola Dada

Student’s research looks for answers at Purdue to questions raised at home in Nigeria

Jian Jin with LeafSpec

ABE professor has a winner in his hands with LeafSpec

soybean field with bins

Excel Workshop: Hone Your Skills

soybean field with bins

Purdue Crop Planning Tool

out in the field

Purdue’s hemp specialist observes birth of a Hoosier industry

Jars of canning food

Curious about canning? Find out how to safely preserve food at home

Chris Hurt

Retiring professor reflects on decades of opportunities, changes and constants


Remote sensing gives new look at forest diversity

food market

Animal sciences professor to address food safety in Cambodia


Hand sanitizer makes scents to Purdue alum

Purdue College of Agriculture.

The cost of Thanksgiving staples see price hike amid pandemic

excel spreadsheet pivot table

Dig into Data within Your Spreadsheets

Small clear river in the forest

“Education is multidimensional”: How agriculture staff and students are reaching grades PK-12 during a pandemic

corn field

Farmers sought for precision fertilizer, seeding studies

photo in front of a bus

Ag alumni share their Purdue Pete lore

phosphorus tool screenshot

Creating Savvy Spreadsheets

Res sweet peppers

The Purdue Student Farm adapts during COVID-19

Family of tree gathered at the table

Purdue Extension: Building resilience in communities

mountain view

PICs makes inroads in Peru with extensive survey study

Widmar and her son wearing a mask

Research hits home for professor caught in the digital divide

Ayodeji Aderibigbe

Clean lab coats and muddy boots balance student’s research

Doctoral student in the Department of Animal Sciences, Ayodeji Aderibigbe working in lab.

Clean lab coats and muddy boots balance student’s research

deer in the woods

How one FNR researcher coordinates observation of Indiana’s deer population


Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Wild persimmon

api schematic

Hammer is to Nail as API is to Software

carving a pumpkin

Purdue Agriculture Halloween Activity Pages

aerial image of field

Phosphorus Cost Comparison Tool


It’s a great pumpkin year, Charlie Brown


Professor’s path leads her to a new landscape

tractor and grain cart

Making Sense of Your Sensors

Vegetables in a green house growing using hydroponic method

Purdue study addresses environmental, economic impacts of hydroponic, aquaponics systems

piece of red meat

Meat science program embodies the mission of a land-grant institution

produce banner


Vacca in a garage

Recently appointed ABE endowed chair knows what makes good research run

round bread cut in half

A growing piece of ancient history in your kitchen

cornfield plantation

Student embraces research opportunities in America, plant pathology

hand holding sensors

Sensors: The Possibilities are Endless

Building, parking lot in front and trees in the background (sight from above)

Purdue family creates jobs, getaways during pandemic

Songlin Fei

From farm to forest, Songlin Fei has built a career and better life

Jones family

Family farming roots run deep at Purdue

tractor and grain cart

Choose the Path of Least Resistance for Your Data


Gov. Holcomb and Purdue appoint new Indiana State Chemist

Laptop monitor displaying facebook life 4H event, and little girls in the background enjoying the fair.

Keeping Indiana 4-H youth engaged and safe in a pandemic

student panel

Appreciation and examples of impact shared at virtual scholarship dinner

Trees of hardwood forestry plantation

Purdue pursues industry hardwood partnerships through NSF-backed center


Purdue Ag alum reflects on her success in master’s program

abstract background light colors mixed up

Behind the Research: Richard Fox

Red apple on a tree

Indiana orchards are still harvesting fun

smartphone with app

Put Your Smartphone to Work

farm equipment

A century shared in the soybean field

Lake and pine trees on the background on a fuggy day

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Black bear

ABE banner

Top 10 Reasons Purdue ABE has been #1 for 10 Years

small plants germinating

Center for Plant Biology boosts Purdue’s plant sciences profile

classroom desks

College of Agriculture’s freshman class reveals its resilience

Pawpaw fruit

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Pawpaw tree

Yellow bokeh rendered by a particular lens

As pandemic persists, student’s research holds new importance


Ag labs rise to COVID challenge


How the hybrid teaching model is succeeding

boiler bee honey

Boiler Bee Honey’s second batch: how sweet it is!


Purdue Extension: Growing communities one garden at a time


Great-great-granddaughter of American Soybean Association co-founder embraces 100-year legacy

uav image on computer screen

Broadband Modeling Presentation

corn plants

Heat Units: A Python Tutorial

Convergence Center building

Ag-Analytics opens branch in Convergence Center, encouraging collaboration

whin data portal graphic

The WHIN Data Portal

Liang banner

COVID lessons applied to forestry, climate change

Summer boilermaker students

COVID-19 sidelines summer plans; Boilermakers adapt

Fall color leaves on a tree

New faculty members join College of Agriculture

default banner

Indiana 4-H’ers demonstrate resilience

default banner

Virtual field days present challenges and benefits

default banner

Land O’ Lakes program helps ABE student find certainty in an uncertain world


How agriculture instructors capitalize on benefits of the virtual classroom


For a healthy lawn in 2021, seed and feed now

soybean field with bins

Using Trello on Your Farm

Fall tree leaves

Purdue names Songlin Fei Dean’s Chair of Remote Sensing

blue background with yellow bokeh of a variety of lenses.

Behind the Research: Anton Terekhov

Tall green trees, sight from the ground and up

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Southern flying squirrel

cows in the field

Digital agriculture: Why the future is now


Purdue College of Agriculture Releases New Book: Lowell Hardin: Mentor Extraordinaire, to Honor Late Professor


You can order live poultry through the mail, but should you?

farmers' vegetables

Purdue Student Farm sees record yields, brings produce to the public


Meat science alumnus reflects on 50 years with industry leaders


Entomology professor receives major grant to work with Hoosier beekeepers

banner image

How have you stayed connected during the COVID-19 pandemic?

white flowers

Florist arranges for flowers to travel when loved ones cannot

default banner

ASEC student draws on education to support Black-owned businesses

Alumnus adapts restaurant to protect the health of his business and patrons

Alumnus adapts restaurant to protect the health of his business and patrons

Bird on a bird-feeder with seeds and half on an orange

Backyard birding, Tips to attract birds to your nest

Grid of 3x3 showing students doing stports

Six agriculture students named Big Ten Distinguished Scholars

Prairie View Ag Supply Interior

Entrepreneurs find learning opportunities amid COVID-19 pandemic


Supporting students from Zamorano to Purdue and home again

phenotype lab

Plant scientists maintain critical research to save data and irreplaceable plants

default banner

Managing Mental Health in a Summer of Change

corn field

Providing a local perspective on global climate change


Soil microbiome can improve carrot resistance to deadly fungus

airport bank

GTAP takes its international conference virtual

Soybean Field with Grain Bins

Automate Data with Spreadsheets


NSF fellowship allowing Purdue postdoc to expand possibilities for others

macro photo

What you need to know to start your own pollinator garden

B. Carter

Purdue Ag Alumni Association volunteer earns national awardor others

apples at the market

How Microsoft and Purdue Ag are working together to help Hoosier farmers

strawberry field

Agritourism offers safe summer fun during COVID-19


Horticulture professor shares essential advice for a healthy lawn

plane wing

Professor and pilot John Lumkes loves the view from 1,000 feet

pile of books

What do Purdue Agriculture faculty recommend for your summer reading list?

grocery store yogurt aisle

Entering its third year, fermentation minor holds major appeal


Purdue Agronomy professor reflects on 35-year research project


Purdue scientists identify genetic ‘immune system’ for junk DNA


Behind the Research: Alex Helms


Celebrating dairy products and community in Indiana

baskets of vegetables

How Hoosier farmers markets are coping with COVID-19

research team

Graduate researcher tracks billbugs

scale model

Landscape architecture graduate works with grassroots project to reimagine an Indiana brownfield


23rd GTAP conference goes virtual, sees record high registration


Americans on both sides come together over food policy

Peregrine Falcon

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Peregrine Falcon

plant’s photosystem banner

DOE funds Purdue’s photosynthesis repair research

Australia map

ASEC professor awarded Fulbright to conduct research project in rural Australia

pork cut

Teacher of Purdue’s first meat science course reflects on lifetime of research


NRES and recent Udall scholar fueled by passion for her hometown


Indiana State Chemist retires after a career spent serving Hoosiers

student class

ASEC student elected MANRRS National Graduate Student President


Senior’s legacy is an award-winning example of leadership

Stephen Schwartz

Homeschooled student excels through collaboration

abstract background

Student teaches agriculture to improve children’s lives


Award-winning College of Agriculture mentors follow in others’ footsteps — and leave imprints of their own


Soy-based herbicide takes top honors

Brummet at Ketchikan

Wildlife & forestry student branches out

From road to table

The Road from Farm to Table

Capital from bill

Message from the Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture

brown grass in a field

How a diagnostic tool used on cows might unlock a key to COVID-19 testing

Capital from bill

Make the grass greener on your side this spring


When teachers become the students: Four takeaways from the virtual classroom

fog over pine trees

When courses went online this FNR professor had lab equipment delivered to students

science lab

The College of Agriculture names five new University Faculty Scholars

water caught in a field divided by fencing

How The College of Agriculture is leading the community

Ross Roberts

Award winners credit college’s contributions

Purdue Extension craft work

Hoosiers look to Purdue Extension for answers on COVID-19

Conquering the Trail banner

Conquering the Trail

Journal Excerpts & Bird List

Journal Excerpts & Bird List

Journal Excerpts & Bird List

Baleigh & Rebekah's Trail Tips

Ohm wheat misters

Purdue’s Herb Ohm sees decades of work come to fruition

mountain scene

What COVID-19 could mean for the environment


Graduate researcher makes the most of fungi

view of the mountains

FNR student demonstrates perseverance and perspective

silhouette in a Library

Mentorship helps students find balance during crisis

fire smoke in the background

When best laid plans go up in smoke: How this instructor is simulating fieldwork online

student coloring at a table

Purdue Ag Activity Pages

hand typing on a keyboard

From the lab to the laptop: How College of Agriculture professors are pivoting to virtual classrooms


Friend or Fungi? The complex relationship between fungi and climate change


Plant science focus makes Purdue ideal for grad student’s research


Not in Kansas anymore, Associate Dean Wilson returns to Purdue

Drone in Air over Corn Field

IoT for Everyone - Videos and Tutorial

Capital from bill

Student learns from two and four legged friends

Capital from bill

MANRRS helps groom entrepreneur for life after Purdue

soybean field with bins

AgGateWay Posts Educational Videos

scientist in a lab

Could crickets offer the next breakthrough in diabetes and hypertension treatments?

What’s under the shell of this popular snack?

What’s under the shell of this popular snack?

uav in air

Repository with Ag Data

Capital from bill

The Buzz on Boiler Bee Honey

Purdue College of Agriculture.

How Hoosier BIPOC farmers can change the landscape of agriculture


Graduate Ag Research Spotlight: Aishwarya Chandrasekaran

Purdue College of Agriculture.

New ABE professors water safety research assumes prominent role during pandemic

Purdue College of Agriculture.

Hunger Banquet demonstrates the realities of campus food insecurity

Purdue College of Agriculture.

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Copperhead snake

forest lidar

LiDAR-based tree inventory – not Sci-Fi anymore

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