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Top 10 Reasons Purdue ABE has been #1 for 10 Years

The U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges recently announced that Purdue’s Department of Agricultural Biological Engineering (ABE) is the top-ranked undergraduate department in its discipline for the 10th year in a row. Purdue’s graduate ABE program was ranked first by U.S. News and World Report in 2019 for the ninth time in 10 years.


"This collaboration marks an important milestone, as we work to provide an affordable, reliable and scalable COVID-19 test."

-Mohit Verma

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"It’s hard to expect developers to necessarily do things unless there are stronger requirements and incentives to build in green infrastructure."

-Sara McMillan

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From a global leader in irrigation, to a senior manager at Impossible Foods, our alumni are doing great work.
Bart Nelson, Nelson Irrigation Yulin Lu, Senior Manager, Engineering & Operations, Impossible Foods

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"I don’t believe we would have pursued a startup without Purdue’s strong entrepreneurial assistance programs."

-Klein Ileleji

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Ankita Raturi, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering

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"It's only waste if we perceive it to be waste."

-Abby Engelberth

"In states that get new wind energy capacity, we see significant economic impact."

-Shweta Singh

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"We don’t limit the discussion. We try not to even factor in finances. We want to be very open as we look for solutions."

-Roger Tormoehlen

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"We worked with past students to determine what they liked and what they got the most from in the course so we could try to keep those elements."

-Kari Clase

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From Andrea Vacca, 2019 Joseph Bramah Medal Recipient, to Michael Ladisch, National Academy of Engineering member

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"The process has evolved from what was a dream, to a concept, recently to a plan, and soon to actual bricks and mortar."
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