4-H students with their show hogs in pensThe Indiana State Fair is the culmination of a 4-H member’s work with an animal over a 4-H program year. One important part of the learning process is ensuring that all necessary registration information is complete. 4-H members and families are familiar with the 4HOnline registration system. But 4-H members showing livestock also need to know about another registration system: Exhibitor’s Corner.

What is Exhibitor’s Corner?

Exhibitor’s Corner is the Indiana State Fair’s online registration database for 38 departments. It is the starting point for any exhibitor wanting to show at the Indiana State Fair. All entries are made through Exhibitor’s Corner, where exhibitor animal class and fees are collected. Exhibitors can also purchase discount parking passes and admission tickets there. During livestock shows, exhibitors can use it to check both individual and show results.

Can Animal ID be transferred from 4HOnline to Exhibitor’s Corner?

When a parent or 4-H exhibitor submits their animal information in 4HOnline, they should select the option that allows their animal information to be shared with the Indiana State Fair. Once a 4-H animal exhibitor’s 4HOnline information is complete, Indiana 4-H staff verify it (along with animal information from all 92 counties). Once this information is verified, it’s sent overnight from the 4HOnline database to the Exhibitor’s Corner database.

4-H children with their sheep for showAre 4HOnline and Exhibitor’s Corner the same system?

No. They are different systems that different organizations manage. 4HOnline is the entry system 4-H members use to enroll in 4-H. For purposes of livestock showing, it’s the system 4-H animal exhibitors use when showing at their county level. Exhibitor’s Corner is the Indiana State Fair’s registration system. It’s branded with the Indiana State Fair logo and colors, white and red.

What can a 4-H livestock family do to ensure their information gets transferred from 4HOnline to Exhibitor’s Corner?

Three actions ensure that livestock information is properly transferred from the 4HOnline database to the Exhibitor’s Corner database.​

  1. Link the correct email address. For all the necessary information to transfer from 4HOnline, 4-H exhibitors should use the same email for 4HOnline and Exhibitor’s Corner. This is how your animal’s information is linked to your registration. Using different email addresses between 4HOnline and Exhibitor’s Corner prevents 4HOnline data from transferring to Exhibitor’s Corner.
  2. Patience. Transferring data between systems can take time. When Indiana 4-H verifies animal ID information, a behind-the-scenes process ensures the information is recorded accurately and exhibitors can proceed to the Indiana State Fair. Changes to animal or livestock show information made in 4HOnline are not reflected in the Exhibitor’s Corner system until the next day.
  3. Use your resources. To keep updated on any Indiana State Fair livestock shows or Exhibitor’s Corner processes, sign up for The Fair Voice, the Indiana State Fair’s monthly newsletter, by emailing marketing@indianastatefair.com. The newsletter answers a lot of 4-H animal exhibitors’ questions. The Indiana State Fair also has a dedicated web page, Livestock Information, that helps keep exhibitors informed of everything they need to know to exhibit at the fair. When in doubt, contact the Indiana State Fair entry department. It’s easier to correct registration information before you pay.​ ​

two girls with a goat in 4-H Deadlines for animal entry:​

May 15

All animals must be identified in Indiana 4HOnline by the animal ID deadline of April 1 for Market Steers and May 15 for all other animals (or earlier deadline set by county).

June 1

Beef Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Pygmy Goats, and Meat Goats must be submitted to the Exhibitor’s Corner entry system.

July 1

Horse and Pony, Llama and Alpaca, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, and Indiana Bred and Owned nominations must be submitted to the Exhibitor’s Corner entry system.

Lots of tag changes can happen due to a sheep or steer pulling a tag on a gate, so a new RFID or county tag needs to be put in the ear. How do I get that tag changed in the system and reported in Exhibitor’s Corner?

First, contact your county Extension office and have them help you get the new tags submitted to 4HOnline. Once those tag changes are in 4HOnline and verified by the Indiana 4-H state office, the data is updated in Exhibitor’s Corner overnight.

Aaron Fisher is a 4-H Extension Specialist for Purdue Extension. He provides leadership to the Indiana 4-H Animal Science projects and develops opportunities for Indiana 4-H youth to learn about animals and agriculture.

Megan Eave was a 10-year 4-H member from southern Indiana. She spent four summers as a barn girl in the swine barn and in 2014 started working as the entry manager. Megan manages the Indiana State Fair’s entry management system, Exhibitor’s Corner, as well as helps organize department staff to support each livestock show program.

Arin Weidner is a 4-H Extension Specialist for Purdue Extension. She supports Indiana 4-H programming with the creation of technology-facilitated curriculum and learning opportunities through partnerships with Extension staff and faculty.​