logo with plant stem graphicWant to know more about common yard and garden plants? Meet the new Purdue Plant ID Pal.

The web-based resource is easy to use. 4-H and FFA youth will find it especially helpful as they learn to identify ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables for local, state and national competitions.

Purdue Plant ID Pal has four sections:app quiz screen

  • ornamentals (woody plants)
  • flowers and indoor plants
  • fruits and nuts
  • vegetables

You’ll find more than 850 photos of nearly 200 plants, brief text descriptions and a glossary of botanical terms.

Each plant entry has multiple images, including close-ups of stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and in some cases specialized plant structures that might aid in identification. For example, the iris entry includes an image of specialized underground stems called rhizomes.

How much did you learn? Click on the Quiz.

Give the Purdue Plant ID Pal a try at: http://purdue.ag/plant-id-pal




Purdue Plant ID Pal Image Gallery

Iris Example

Muskmelon Example

Filbert Quiz Example

Filbert Correct Quiz Example

Filbert Try Again Quiz Example

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