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Investment and Financing Behavior of Farmers: Responding to Boom and Bust Times

Although the U.S. farming sector has exhibited very strong financial performance during the past 5-7 years in terms of income generation, cash flow and debt servicing capacity, and equity accumulation, that strong performance has been accompanied by increased risk.

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Some Thoughts on Finance

At the end of my undergraduate course in agricultural finance I try to provide students with some final thoughts on financial management and finance. The following article is a summary of that lecture.

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Managing in Times of Financial Stress

The best strategy is to resolve financial stress problems before they become severe. One of the most important rules of managing in times of financial stress is summed up in the simple but powerful phrase-early recognition, early resolution.

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Strategies for Dealing with Agricultural Lenders

Many factors contribute to financial stress for small business owners, and farming is no exception. Dealing with lenders at such times can be an additional stress — or a way of relieving it. This publication outlines 10 strategies for dealing with agricultural lenders.

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