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Heat Units: A Python Tutorial

As part of the Open Ag Technology and Systems Center outreach and education, a few faculty, staff, and students gave presentations to the AgGateway community.  AgGateway is a global, non-profit organization whose members develop standards and other resources so that companies can rapidly access information. This leads to cost savings, improved inventory management and traceability, interoperability in field operations, and data leverage for sustainability and profitability. The OATS Center, with AgGateway collaboration, shared insights and approaches regarding digital connectivity and seamless information exchange.

Python Programming: In this YouTube video, Andrew Balmos, software/data engineer in Purdue Agriculture and Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, gives a Python tutorial with an application heat units to lend timely insights in individual corn fields.

Andrew covers installation of a Jupyter notebook and importing libraries to demonstrate access public weather data. This presentation will help you think about data models and data access requests. This is then linked to a simple growing degree day (GDD) model of corn growth and development.  In following this work, you’ll also see how probabilities and distributions come into the digital ag picture.  

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