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Agricultural Apps Listing

Mobile applications (apps) can be helpful in many different ways for your farm or agribusiness. From reporting markets to identifying pests, you could say there is an app for almost everything.

Purdue Extension worked to compile information about more than 500 apps on different operating platforms, like iOS (Apple) and Android, which can facilitate improved decision making and data analysis.

A listing (accurate in March 2021) was generated that we think you may find very helpful. This database has columns of information that help you identify the apps you may want, along with a tight and tidy presentation of information including:

  • price
  • where do you get it
  • state of origin
  • operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, web)
  • category

The app listing is available in 2 formats:

  1. GoogleSheet — so you can filter on different attributes then search for keywords of interest
  2. PDF (portable document format) file — suitable for scrolling and searching for keywords

In case you are not familiar with filtering data in a GoogleSheet, you may find this short 2 minute demo to be helpful. You can also use your browser or software search function (often control-F) to find what you want in a file.

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