2020-12 PAER Agricultural Outlook for 2021

December 9, 2020

Welcome to our annual outlook issue of the Purdue Ag Econ Report (PAER), where take a look back over the previous year and also a look ahead at the economic conditions we can expect for the agricultural sector for 2021.

This past year was filled with a lot of uncertainty in the agricultural markets. A lingering trade war, weather issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic, impacted prices and brought change to all parts of the agricultural value chain. These issues continue to impact the markets now and likely into 2021.

In the following PAER articles, Agricultural Economics Faculty at Purdue University provide insight on the critical issues facing farmers and the agricultural value chain in 2021.


Brady Brewer

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics

Purdue Ag Econ Report Contributor & Editor

Articles in this Publication:

The General Economic Outlook

Farmland Values and Cash Rent

Trade Policy Outlook: What should we expect from a Biden Administration?

2021 Agricultural Credit Outlook

An uncertain horizon for farm policy

The Dairy Marketplace: Reflections on 2020 and factors to watch in 2021

Retail Food Price Outlook

2021 Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide

Providing Some Perspective on the Corn and Soybean Markets

Latest Articles:

General Economic Outlook – COVID calls the shots again

January 13, 2022

Uncertainty over the course of the pandemic and the response by workers and businesses to inflationary pressures are expected to be the determining factors in what is likely to be slower GDP growth in 2022.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Households: Lessons for 2022?

January 13, 2022

COVID-19 exposed how lack of childcare impacts households and employment.


Trade and trade policy outlook, 2022

January 13, 2022

While trade policy does not appear to be a major priority of the Biden Administration, it does affect many key objectives. One example is the supply chain problem, which may not be fully resolved in 2022.


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