Guidelines for Travel

Please check the Protect Purdue website frequently for any changes in University guidance and the College of Ag business office website for college forms.


  • Travel requests must be entered into Concur after appropriate approvals are obtained. The approvals need to be attached to your Concur travel request for travel to be authorized.
  • View the university travel guidelines.
  • Domestic travel within the United States is allowed and must be conducted in full compliance of public health safety guidelines. If traveling by car, view Purdue’s vehicular travel guidelines. If traveling on general funds, approval must be obtained from department head before travel.
  • International travel is permitted and can be supported by non-project funds, with department head approval.
    • For faculty and non-graduate student staff, no travel waiver is required. Travel must be approved by the department head and business office.
    • For graduate students, the College of Agriculture International Waiver Request Form must be filled out and approved by the department head, the business office, and Associate Dean Shively. Attach an approved travel waiver to travel request within Concur.
    • For undergraduate students, study abroad and other international travel will be allowed, conditional on approval from university leadership and the Security and Risk Assessment Committee (SRAC).
    • Travelers must complete self-quarantine and/or testing protocols in effect at the time of their return and must have a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to campus.
Please keep the Protect Purdue Plan front and center as we continue to move forward.