Postharvest work at purdue

Purdue’s Position

For more than a decade, Purdue University's College of Agriculture has leveraged its expertise and experience to lead and to partner on projects to reduce postharvest losses (PHLs), enhance agricultural value chains, and improve nutrition and food security. Our research, training and extension programs provide solutions for PHL reduction and value chain enhancement for a broad range of agricultural commodities and products in both developing and developed countries.

Segments of Value Chain

    Intervention Areas

  • Drying
  • Storage
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Processing 
  • Nutrition
  • Markets (supply, demand, logistics, and linkages)
  • Technological Innovations
  • Training

Purdue’s Assets

  • Experience in building, leading and managing large international agricultural research and development projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • Extensive involvement and collaboration with USAID, USDA, Private Foundations, and other stakeholders on development projects in countries around the globe
  • Linkages with national and international agricultural research centers, universities, and businesses (especially strong because of alumni)
  • Experience and relationships with local implementing partners on the ground in developing countries
  • Strategic partnership with Catholic Relief Services (one of four university partners nationwide)
  • Strong postharvest loss linkages to U.S. international institutions
  • Access to extensive alumni network from raining programs delivered at Purdue

Relevant Purdue Units/Offices/Centers

Major Past & Current Projects