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A Spreadsheet Toolbox

Red ToolboxSpreadsheets come an many sizes and shapes and are a computational tool used for an unbelievable number of quantitative decisions. We presume farms and agribusinesses use them extensively whether the user does the programming or just uses pre-set configurations of tools. We have compiled a spreadsheet toolbox (well just a spreadsheet listing spreadsheets if you can imagine that) and hope that the collection will serve useful to many.

Anyone can view (and download or copy) this toolbox listing at will. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll see …

Example of Spreadsheet Listing

You’ll find over 30 spreadsheets on topics of field crops, fertilizer recommendations, economics, data management, animal agriculture, and more and this list will grow over time. While many have some “slick” features like data validation and are protected, you can still unprotect and customize these per your spreadsheet skill level. There is an assortment of Excel spreadsheets and GoogleSheets. There is also an app listing with direct links to these apps on iTunes or GooglePlay.

So you know … of course you download the Excel spreadsheets to use them locally on your computer. For the GoogleSheets, you’ll need to make a copy (file / make a copy, under your Google account) so you can edit and use them. The links provided just give you “view” access.

For those wanting or needing a primer on spreadsheets, here is one related to problem solving (the basis of those tools) and another regarding data analysis.

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