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Jemima Baributsa and her pathway to Purdue Agriculture

Jemima Baributsa, a senior in Agricultural Economics, feels like she got the best of both worlds being a Pathway to Purdue student. In the program, she was able to take courses at Ivy Tech and Purdue simultaneously for one year, giving her both an associate’s degree and helping her transition into the 4-year college experience. 

Baributsa shared that, “After graduating high school, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to college or enter the workforce. There were a lot of options available, and I didn't know what best fit me.” 

Luckily, Baributsa had some outstanding advisors who not only showed her the options that Pathway to Purdue would open for her, but would also be critical to her success as a transfer student. Going to school in two different places meant commuting between Ivy Tech and Purdue, and it also meant twice the amount of community and student networking events and social expectations. Baributsa thanks her advisors in high school, Ivy Tech, and at Purdue for guiding her through that experience.

“All my advisors, they are great. They were a huge help with the transfer process and with helping me acclimate to Purdue culture. They gave me a rundown of what life on campus would be like and recommended students to reach out to so I could build community for myself.”

In between her studies, undergraduate research in the Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Animal Sciences departments and service as the treasurer for MANRRS, Baributsa has kept in close contact with Rusty Nelson who is the Assistant Director of Pathway to Purdue Ag & Transfer Programs. She is also a mentor to incoming Pathway students. Because of her experience, she volunteered to help new Pathway students on their journey.

“I decided to be a mentor because I realized how important it was to have those mentors there for me when I was going through the transfer program. I hope to grow the community of mentors for Pathway students, so that they feel like they have someone who’s been in their shoes.” She checks in with her assigned mentees at accountability group meetings to make sure things are going well for them. 

Baributsa has lots of advice to give people transferring to Purdue, but the most important advice she has is to, “Make friends. Definitely make friends, and attend as many events on both campuses as you can. Now that I am where I am, I realize that the community bonds from Ivy Tech were pivotal in helping me develop into the person that I am today.”

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