May 10, 2016

Saving Money on Weed Control Without Reducing Yields

A new Better Farming video (from Hoosier Ag Today), dealing with the issue of cutting the cost of your weed control program without cutting its effectiveness, is now online. Growers are looking for ways to cut production costs this year, but cutting back on your weed control program is not the right answer. According to Jim Mintert with the Purdue Center for Commercial Ag, “If you reduce yields because you have poor weed control, you will push your cost per bushel much higher, as much as $3.00 per bushel if you had a 20% drop in yields because of poor weed control.”




What Did We Learn in 2019 That We Can Apply in the Future? – Weed Science

January 15, 2020

Top Farmer 2020 conference session by Bill Johnson, Professor & Weed Science Specialist, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Link to the Purdue Weed Science web page.



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