Mindy Mallory

Mindy Mallory

Associate Professor, Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation Endowed Chair of Food & Agricultural Marketing, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Mindy Mallory

Dr. Mallory’s research focuses on commodity markets and marketing issues, especially related to commodity futures and options markets. Topics of special interest include forecasting, liquidity costs, and price discovery. Additionally Dr. Mallory has applied portfolio theory from finance to novel domains to help decision-makers make better choices under uncertainty.

Mindy earned her BS in math education and MS in mathematics from Emporia State University and her PhD from Iowa State University. Before coming to Purdue, Mindy was a faculty member at the University of Illinois. She researches commodity prices, how futures markets transfer risk, pricing discovery and efficiency, and how futures contract and exchange design impacts market outcomes. She also studies how to bring concepts such as risk mitigation and risk transfer into nontraditional settings such as the conservation of resources.




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