Farm Management Tour: July 17, 2024

Learn about innovative farm management strategies, new technologies for improving efficiency and productivity, ways to ensure a successful transition of farm operations to the next generation. Join us at the 91st annual Purdue Farm Management Tour and reception honoring the 2024 Indiana Master Farmers in Randolph County (Winchester), Indiana on Wednesday, July 17th.

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Saving Money on Weed Control Without Reducing Yields

Jim Mintert says, “If you reduce yields because you have poor weed control, you will push your cost per bushel much higher, as much as $3.00 per bushel if you had a 20% drop in yields because of poor weed control.”

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The Farm Safety Net: The Good and Not So Good

This article examined earnings per acre projections for a case farm in west central Indiana. ARC-CO payments were significantly higher under a low price scenario than under a high price scenario.

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Reducing Soybean Production Costs by Focusing on Planting Date

Purdue Agronomy’s Shaun Casteel and Jim Mintert discuss with Hoosier Ag Today’s Gary Truitt how focusing on early planting can improve soybean yields and reduce soybean farmers cost per bushel in 2016.​ ​

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Spring 2016 Crop Outlook

Recorded April 1, 2016 | A discussion on the revised Crop Outlook in light of new information provided by the USDA’s Prospective Plantings and Grain Stocks reports, both of which were released on March 31, 2016.​

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Reducing Soybean Production Costs

Purdue Agronomy’s Shaun Casteel and Jim Mintert discuss with Hoosier Ag Today’s Gary Truitt how using soybean seeding rates based upon field scale research conducted throughout Indiana can help reduce soybean farmers cost per bushel in 2016.

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2016 Crop Cost and Return Guide

The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the March 2016 crop budget estimations.

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​Making Your 2016 Crop Insurance Decisions

Recorded March 1, 2016 | A review of the 2016 crop insurance alternatives and provide suggestions with respect to crop insurance selections that farmers should consider using in 2016.​

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Reducing Corn Production Costs in 2016

Recorded February 1, 2016 | A discussion on research based fertilizer ane seeding rate recommendations to reduce corn production costs.

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Crop Margins in a Boom-Moderation Price Cycle

A glance at a chart of commodity prices over say 100 or more years reveals periods of surging prices followed by a period of moderation in prices. Once prices moderate, they may stay relatively low for an extended time. Some have observed that this total cycle may be around 30 years, with the boom-moderation phase lasting 12 to 15 years.

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Long-Term Cash Rent Decisions Using A Cash Rent Decision Tool​

Recorded December 18, 2015 | A demonstration of use of a cash rent spreadsheet tool to calculate breakeven cash rents, compare the breakeven cash rent to local market rents, compute the market rate premium (if any) above the breakeven rate and the impact paying premiums could have on a farm’s liquidity over the course of the next five years.

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