Top Farmer Conference: January 5, 2024

Explore key factors influencing the U.S. economy & biofuels future. Join us for a one-day conference that will stimulate your thinking about agriculture's future and how you can position your farm to be successful in the years ahead. Attend in person in West Lafayette, Indiana or join us remotely.

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Factors Influencing Program Choices for Indiana Farmers

Indiana farmers have until March 31, 2015 to make their farm program election. The five year market outlook will have a significant impact on farmer election of new safety net programs.

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Effective Price Comparison of Indiana Crops for New Farm Programs

This fall crop producers will be asked to make their choice among three very different safety net programs newly created as part of the 2014 Farm Bill. Online decision aids promise to provide a bevy of information that farmers will need to process in deciding which program path best fits their operation and tolerance for risk.

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Agriculture Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO)

Agricultural Risk Coverage-County Option (ARC-CO) is a new program in the 2014 Farm Bill. ARC-CO payments are made when the average county revenue for a commodity falls below that county’s revenue guarantee per acre.

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Crop Insurance Indemnities: Some Tax Considerations for 2013

Corn and soybean yields for most Indiana producers are higher in 2013 than they were in 2012, but crop prices are lower. A number of producers may also have crop insurance indemnities from 2012 crops which have not yet been reported as income.

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Determining a Value for Corn Silage

Pricing silage crops can be much more challenging than pricing grains, since they are not sold as routinely and, therefore, do not have a readily known market price. The following is a brief discussion of some methods for determining prices for various types of silage.

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Agricultural Price and Land Values: Insights from Participants in the “Financial Health of Farming and Land Values” Conference

Several agricultural economists associated with CCA have recently sought to address questions surrounding farmland values and related investment decisions. Soaring Corn Belt farmland values have also been on the minds of farmers, agricultural industry professionals and investors.

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2013 Crop Cost and Return Guide

The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the November 2012 crop budget estimations for 2013.

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2012 Crop Cost and Return Guide

The Purdue Crop Cost and Return Guide offers farmers a resource to project financials for the coming cropping year. These are the January 2012 crop budget estimations.

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Fixed and Flexible Cash Rent Agreements for Your Farm

Rental arrangements for cropland vary widely from one geographic area to another. What is desirable or equitable for one particular landowner/operator relationship is not acceptable for others. The purpose of this publication is to help operators and landowners develop equitable cash-rent arrangements and assist them in making sound decisions based on an equitable evaluation of resources.

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The Economics of Prevented Planting

With corn planting in the Eastern Corn Belt significantly behind schedule, many farmers are beginning to consider the possibility that exercising the prevented planting provisions in some crop insurance products may become a realistic option.

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