Farm Management Tour: July 17, 2024

Learn about innovative farm management strategies, new technologies for improving efficiency and productivity, ways to ensure a successful transition of farm operations to the next generation. Join us at the 91st annual Purdue Farm Management Tour and reception honoring the 2024 Indiana Master Farmers in Randolph County (Winchester), Indiana on Wednesday, July 17th.

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August 21, 2019

Indiana Farmland Values & Rental Rates – 2019 Survey Results

The recording of the August 21 Indiana Farmland Values & Rental Rates: 2019 Survey Results webinar featuring Purdue ag economists, Craig Dobbins, Michael Langemeier and Jim Mintert is available for viewing. The webinar provides an overview of results from the Purdue Farmland Values Survey, which was conducted in June 2019, highlighting changes in farmland values and cash rental values in Indiana along with a discussion among the panelists regarding where farmland values and cash rental rates are headed. You can access the recorded webinar below, along with a copy of the slides presented during the webinar.




Long-run Cash Rent

September 13, 2023

Examine breakeven prices, earnings per acre, breakeven cash rents, and trends in working capital with this spreadsheet tool.


The Index of Indiana Farm Real Estate

August 11, 2023

Index Numbers of Indiana Farm Real Estate Values, August 2023 update. Compiled by Todd Kuethe, Craig Dobbins and J.H. Atkinson, Purdue Agricultural Economics.


Comparing Net Returns for Alternative Leasing Arrangements

August 10, 2023

This article used a case farm in west central Indiana to compare the net return to land for crop share, fixed cash rent, and flexible cash leases. The average net returns to land from a landowner perspective were similar among the three lease arrangements.



Purdue Farm Management Tour & Indiana Master Farmer Reception 2024

Two outstanding farms in east-central Indiana will host visitors wanting to learn about farm and crop management on July 17th for the Purdue University Farm Management Tour. The Indiana Master Farmer reception and panel discussion will follow.

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