2020 Award Recipients


Award recipients (L to R):
Gebisa Ejeta, Thomas Hertel, Jules Janick, Suzanne Nielsen, John Sanders

Gebisa Ejeta - Gebisa has promoted science-based development and revitalization of agricultural research as a path to achieving food security, enhancing economic prosperity, and conserving our natural resources. He believes that results of research often generate greater impact through additional effort in community engagement. He promotes research that has significant impact on addressing societal needs.

Thomas Hertel - Tom has devoted his career to research, teaching and engagement on issues related to international agriculture, including trade policy, poverty reduction, climate change and environmental sustainability. He has founded, as well as led, institutions and projects that have served the global community of scholars and decision makers promoting international development in more than 170 countries around the world.

Jules Janick - Jules has spent his career both trying to benefit humanity through horticulture and studying how advances in horticulture through the centuries have already benefited mankind. His dedication to Purdue University and the land-grant mission is unparalleled.

Suzanne Nielsen - Suzanne has long been a passionate and productive advocate of international research, outreach, and education at Purdue. She has supported these activities with impactful effort and service as a faculty member, as Head of the Department of Food Science, and as a Faculty Fellow working to foster strong international partnerships and lead large project efforts in the international space.

John Sanders - Throughout his impressive career, John has made numerous impacts on international agricultural activities and systems, from introducing new sorghum, millet and cotton technologies to training and mentoring African and Latin American students.