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Easy Spreadsheet-style Transfer Records and Inventory Tracking

It is common to move materials such as grains from one place to another (on the farm or leaving the farm).  While there may be official “trade tickets” involved, we thought a simple transfer event tracker and approximate inventory tool would be useful. So, we generated a GoogleSheet with a couple simple macros or scripts to streamline these records.  This tool will make it very easy for farms or firms to track movement of products with an easy record of:

  • Who did the transfer
  • What was the origin
  • What was the destination
  • How much material was moved
  • Exactly what date/time did this occur


In conjunction with the transfer records, you automatically will have an updated approximate tally on balances or inventories in certain hoppers, bins, barns, fields, or bays. Check out this video for a brief demonstration. The video shows the tool in both PC and phone views. You’ll want to watch the video to see an important “hack” that allows you to fully use the tool on your smartphone.

The tool as it currently exists is tailored for grain movement, but it could easily be adapted to any other bulk or containerized products. We hope you find it useful.  You may freely copy/customize/use this tool.  If you do alter it and re-publish in some way, simply credit the original as noted in one of the spreadsheet cells.

The spreadsheet can be viewed by anyone; to use it, use your Google account and make a copy. Then customize away! We recommend to perhaps double check for your own satisfaction, that sharing of your copy is proper and appropriate for your farm or firm.

In a related post and associated video, you can learn a bit more of background on this approach toward automated spreadsheets and also see/copy a “manure records the easy way” GoogleSheet.

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