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WHIN-Purdue Agriculture: December 2020 Updates


The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) project, funded by the Lilly Endowment, started in 2018. It is a collaborative work in which the WHIN organization, Purdue University, and Ivy Tech Community College are developing, deploying, and demonstrating advanced IoT technologies for agriculture and manufacturing.

The Purdue Ag Team prepared a series of video updates regarding testbeds (research), education, and extension (outreach) for a meeting with WHIN board members and stakeholders on December 4, 2020.

The videos are linked below and give you a glimpse of past and ongoing developments in Purdue labs, at Purdue farms, and throughout the WHIN 10-county region.

View the Purdue Ag-WHIN Updates playlist to see additional project updates from researchers and graduates students recorded during spring 2020.

Digital Agriculture Posts

Different varieties of rice growing in a field
Machine-learning model demonstrates effect of public breeding on rice yields in climate change

Climate change, extreme weather events, unprecedented records in temperatures and higher, acidic...

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Adam Shanks - calculating data
Private databases for your farm

Private databases have many applications in agriculture and beyond, such as home life and...

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uav data on a monitor
Data-Driven Seminar Series

Purdue College of Agriculture presents a seminar series featuring experts in data science,...

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From centuries-old, hand-drawn maps to LiDAR lasers & the role of both in forestry
From centuries-old, hand-drawn maps to LiDAR lasers & the role of both in forestry

An army of bow saws and boots march through dense thickets of forest patches in the Chicago...

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The walnut plantation at Martell Forest.
Detection & Prediction: How technology is fighting a future of tree diseases and invasive insects

The black walnut tree (Juglans nigra), prized for its rich, dark color in hardwood furniture and...

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Ismail Olaniyi flies a UAV up above the trees.
The crossroads between lemon trees and technology

In warmer southern and western states, citrus orchards are important for feeding and bringing...

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