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Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass returns for 2023 season

"As a family, we look forward to weekly pickups at the student farm -- everyone gets involved in sorting, tasting and preparing a wide range of foods each week. The assortment in the bag provides us with our usual staples while encouraging us to try new fruits and vegetables. We couldn’t be happier with the service, experience and opportunity to support the Student Farm."

- Aaron Thompson, associate professor of landscape architecture

Started in 2020, the Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass is a community supported agriculture (CSA) program provided by the Purdue Student Farm. The CSA program provides an educational experience for students as well as fresh vegetables and herbs for community participants.

“We get the opportunity to apply sustainable agricultural practices and experience the delicious results,” says Wil Brown-Grimm, an undergraduate in Sustainable Food and Farming Systems. “The CSA program gives a sense of gratification because we’re able to directly interact with those who enjoy our produce.” 

Purdue Pete holding carrots at a farm

The day-to-day farm operations are managed by several student groups: those enrolled in the "Small Farms Experience" courses, volunteers involved in the Purdue Student Farm Organization, part-time undergraduate interns, and full-time undergraduate summer interns. The CSA program began as a pivot after pandemic related issues led to the temporary closure of the student dining halls, the primary customers for the Student Farm. Since the reopening of dining halls, the Student Farm has prioritized the CSA program and has continued to provide to its members each season.

“I really enjoy running the CSA program,” says Chris Adair, Purdue Student Farm manager. “It provides fresh produce to the local community while also supporting the students as they grow and learn throughout the season.”

Sign up for the Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass to get your weekly bag of Purdue grown vegetables and herbs.

22 weeks | June - November
$27.23/week (Total value $599)

Address for pick up:
1491 Cherry Lane
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Make checks payable to:
Purdue Student Farm
Horticulture Building
625 Agricultural Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

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