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Bee Overbey To Speak at Trinity Fusion

Bee Overbey, a research fellow and PhD student in the Purdue department of Forestry and Natural Resources, will be speaking as the June Fusion storyteller at Trinity Fusion on Monday, June 15 at 6 p.m.

Overbey will be sharing her journey to Purdue FNR, as well as about her current research and her work with leopards, apes, black bears and many other species in over 20 years in wildlife conservation and care. She also will be sharing about how people can connect with themselves, their communities and spirituality through nature.

Overbey completed her undergraduate degree from Purdue in 2005. She also has two previous graduate degrees, one from Keller Graduate School (2011, in human resources management with an emphasis in training and development) and one from Miami Ohio (2019, in biology with an emphasis in extension).

As a PhD fellow in wildlife science, she is being co-advised by Drs. Doug Jacobs and Barny Dunning. She is working with the Tropical HTIRC lab and is the first wildlifer to be recruited to that lab. She is studying the role that native birds play in forest restoration.

In her career, Overbey has worked in both lab and field research as well as veterinary technology, zookeeping, entomology and outreach programming. She also has held roles as operations manager and director of public relations for various non-profits.

In addition to speaking on Monday, Overbey also will be bringing free vegetables from Grow Local, the community garden.

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