Corn Drying and Shrink Comparison

Use Iowa State University’s spreadsheet decision tool to compare alternatives for wet grain at harvest.  *More content via Iowa State’s Ag Decision Maker website.


Many corn producers prefer to let their crop dry naturally in the field before harvesting. This reduces the cost of artificially drying the crop, but may delay harvesting and result in additional field losses due to drier stalks and ears. Producers must weigh these potential costs against potential drying charges and/or discounts.

AgDM Decision Tool A2-32, Grain Drying and Shrink Comparison, is available to help compare options.




U.S. Corn Exports Struggle to Meet USDA’s Weak Export Forecast

May 8, 2023

Seasonally, U.S. corn exports tend to peak in the spring and weaken into the summer months. Although weekly corn export shipments have improved since late winter, they have not increased enough to offset weak exports last fall and especially during much of the winter.


April 2023 Crop Basis Update

April 13, 2023

April 13, 2023 crop basis update on forward contract bids, corn and soybean basis outlook, and new crop corn and soybean futures.


Comparison of Conventional & Organic Crop Rotations (Spreadsheet Tool)

April 4, 2023

This spreadsheet compares conventional and organic rotations over a ten-year horizon. Specifically, net returns are compared for a conventional corn/soybean rotation, a conventional corn/soybean/wheat rotation, and an organic corn/soybean/wheat rotation.



Purdue Farm Management Tour & Indiana Master Farmer Reception

Two outstanding farms in south-central Indiana will host visitors wanting to learn about farm and crop management on July 11th for the Purdue University Farm Management Tour. The Indiana Master Farmer reception and panel discussion will follow.

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