Corn Drying and Shrink Comparison

Use Iowa State University’s spreadsheet decision tool to compare alternatives for wet grain at harvest.  *More content via Iowa State’s Ag Decision Maker website.


Many corn producers prefer to let their crop dry naturally in the field before harvesting. This reduces the cost of artificially drying the crop, but may delay harvesting and result in additional field losses due to drier stalks and ears. Producers must weigh these potential costs against potential drying charges and/or discounts.

AgDM Decision Tool A2-32, Grain Drying and Shrink Comparison, is available to help compare options.




Corn & Soybean Basis Steady to Stronger in Most Locations, Weaker at Ohio River Terminals

February 12, 2024

After starting the year weaker than normal, corn and soybean basis has been steadily increasing since harvest ended last fall. In recent weeks, many eastern Corn Belt locations have seen steady to slightly stronger corn and soybean basis levels.


The Outlook for Corn & Soybeans

January 17, 2024

Host Brady Brewer provides a recap of Dr. Chad Hart’s presentation on the 2024 agricultural crop market outlook at the Purdue Top Farmer Conference on the latest episode of the Purdue Commercial AgCast. Dr. Hart, a professor and crop marketing specialist at Iowa State University, explores the shift to “normalcy” for crop prices and farm incomes in 2024.


International Benchmarks for Corn Production

January 11, 2024

Examined yield, gross revenue, and cost for farms in the agri benchmark network from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the Ukraine, and the United States.



Commodity Classic 2024

The Purdue University Center for Commercial Agriculture will present a Learning Center Session on Thursday, February 29 entitled Positioning Your Farm for Long-Term Success during Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas.

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