February 24, 2020

Making Your 2020 Crop Insurance Decisions Webinar

The recording of the February 24th Making Your 2020 Crop Insurance Decisions webinar featuring Purdue agricultural economists Nathan Thompson and James Mintert provides a discussion of 2020 corn and soybean crop insurance choices and provides insight into decision making for corn and soybean farmers.

Please view the webinar recording below at your own leisure as well as download the slides used during the webinar.




Making Your 2024 Crop Insurance Decision

March 4, 2024

Purdue University Center for Commercial Agriculture’s ag economists Michael Langemeier and James Mintert and Brad Lubben, policy specialist and extension associate professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, walk participants through key considerations for their 2024 insurance options.


Comparing Corn and Soybean Marketing Strategies

August 3, 2023

This article identified the optimal portfolio of corn and soybean marketing strategies for a case farm in southeast Indiana. The hedge and roll strategy had the highest net return per acre, and the lowest level of downside risk of any of the individual marketing strategies. However, downside risk can be reduced by diversifying marketing strategies. In particular, combining the hedge and roll strategy with the marketing year cash price strategy was effective in reducing downside risk and resulted in only a slight decline in net return per acre.


Comparing Soybean Marketing Strategies

July 31, 2023

While there have been numerous studies or articles that have evaluated grain marketing and crop insurance strategies separately, there is limited previous literature that examines these tools simultaneously. The purpose of this article is to identify which strategies contribute to an optimal portfolio of soybean marketing strategies for a case farm in southeast Indiana using a downside risk model.



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