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August 24, 2022

Indiana Farmland Values & Cash Rental Rates: 2022 Update Webinar

Purdue ag economists Todd Kuethe, James Mintert and Michael Langemeier discussed the 2022 Purdue Farmland Values Survey results and the USDA’s Land Values report on August 24. The department of agricultural economics conducts the Purdue Farmland Values and Cash Rents Survey each June; the survey is produced through the cooperation of numerous professionals knowledgeable regarding Indiana’s farmland market. The survey results suggest farmland prices across Indiana rose to all-time highs in June 2022. Statewide, 2022 cash rental rates increased across all land quality classes.

The webinar recording is available below. Accompanying slides used during the webinar presentation are also available below for download. You can also listen to this webinar on our AgCast podcast! Be sure to subscribe to Purdue Commercial AgCast, where you can listen to the Indiana Farmland Values and Cash Rental Rates: 2022 Update podcast episode.




Producer Sentiment, Farmland Value Expectations, and Farm Financial Performance

January 17, 2024

Farmland is by far and away the largest asset on most farm balance sheets. Given the importance of farmland prices to the financial health of farms, it is useful to explore factors that impact farmland price expectations. This article examines the relationship between producer sentiment, farmland value expectations, and farm financial performance.


Long-run Cash Rent

September 13, 2023

Examine breakeven prices, earnings per acre, breakeven cash rents, and trends in working capital with this spreadsheet tool.


The Index of Indiana Farm Real Estate

August 11, 2023

Index Numbers of Indiana Farm Real Estate Values, August 2023 update. Compiled by Todd Kuethe, Craig Dobbins and J.H. Atkinson, Purdue Agricultural Economics.



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