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succession planning

Farm Succession: Roadmapping Your Farm Transition

On this episode Purdue ag economist Brady Brewer along with the Purdue farm transition team Maria Marshall, Renee Wiatt, and Kyle Weaver, discuss the importance and implementation of roadmapping in your farm succession process. 

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Farm Succession: Financial Readiness for Succession

On this episode Purdue ag economists Brady Brewer and Michael Langemeier, along with extension educator Ed Farris discuss farm financial readiness and how it impacts succession planning. A downloadable version of The Farm’s Legacy: A Guidebook for Intra-Family Succession is available here. An audio transcript is also available below.

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Farm Succession: Exiting the Business In a Timely Manner

How soon should you start succession planning? What are important things to think about that need transferred? What makes a good business partner, and how can you make this decision? On this episode, Purdue ag economist Brady Brewer discusses these succession planning questions along with tips on how to accomplish this transition in your farm…

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Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies slidedeck presentation by Michael Langemeier given in Salem on March 25, 2022.

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Farm Succession/Transition Planning Series

An eleven-episode podcast series on farm succession/transition planning. Purdue ag economists Brady Brewer hosts members from the Purdue Farm Transition team and the Purdue Institute of Family Business to discuss topics related to succession planning.

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