Farm Management Tour: July 17, 2024

Learn about innovative farm management strategies, new technologies for improving efficiency and productivity, ways to ensure a successful transition of farm operations to the next generation. Join us at the 91st annual Purdue Farm Management Tour and reception honoring the 2024 Indiana Master Farmers in Randolph County (Winchester), Indiana on Wednesday, July 17th.

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Policy & Law

PLC or ARC: Making Your 2024 Farm Bill Program Price Protection Decision

Brad Lubben, policy specialist and extension associate professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, joins Purdue ag economists James Mintert and Michael Langemeier for a discussion on key 2024 farm program details. They highlight differences between the PLC and ARC programs for the 2024 crop year and how benefits from the two programs are likely to differ. After listening to the podcast you’ll be ready to make your 2024 farm program choice.

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Farm Bill Directions & Decisions

Join host Brady Brewer as he recaps Dr. Brad Lubben’s presentation on the 2024 ag policy outlook at the 2024 Purdue Top Farmer Conference. Dr. Lubben, an extension ag policy specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, navigates the complexities of the current farm bill landscape.

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Policy Brief Series: Farm Bill 2023

In a new Purdue Ag Econ Policy Brief Series, Roman Keeney, associate professor of agricultural economics, breaks down the multiple aspects that will go into passing what will arguably be the most discussed bill in agriculture this year, the 2023 Farm Bill.

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Farm Bill and Crop Insurance Options

Michael Langemeier presented on Farm Bill and Crop Insurance Options for 2022 in Shelby county. ARC-IC, ARC-CO, and PLC farm bill program options, as well as RP, SCO, and ECO insurance products were discussed.

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Agricultural Policy Issues Make Some Progress

Headed into 2018 three policy areas stood out as crit- ical developments with potential to significantly impact the farm economy – international trade negotiations, immigration reform policy, and replacement of the 2014 Farm Bill. The 2018 calendar year saw significant political activity on all three issues, though only the Farm Bill replacement seemed to be firmly resolved.

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Farm Policy: Perspectives on the New Farm Bill

With the expiration of current farm bill in 2018, Agriculture policy could have numerous important changes for agricultural. The new farm bill will bring together the varied interests around farm profitability, conservation, and low-income assistance.

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