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About the SHOW Project

Small Business Health and Organizational Wellbeing (SHOW) project is funded by USDA grant “Workplace Stressors, conflict resolution, worker productivity: A field experiment on employee wellness training program in rural small businesses”.

SHOW is an employee-centric workshop for rural small businesses and their employees. The workshop aims to enhance the organizational environment, increase productivity and quality of service, reduce workplace conflict, and improve employee wellbeing.

Workplace conflict incurs both financial and interpersonal burdens. As suggested by previous research, these burdens include an average of three hours per employee dealing with conflict, poor morale, lack of effective decision-making, harassment, and stress-related medical issues. Additionally, workplace conflict and lack of employee wellbeing affect worker productivity, quality of work, and worker retention. The workshop will provide tools that small businesses can use to improve organizational functionality and productivity.

Local, independent rural businesses can register for the workshops.

SHOW workshops

We offer virtual (webinar) and in-person workshops depending on participants' preferences. Regular virtual workshops are offered on Fridays. We can also schedule workshops for other days depending on the needs of the businesses. Please contact Laxmi Adhikari at  to schedule a workshop.

The workshop is free and is 60 to 90 minutes in duration.
Interested business employees/employers can use the below link to register for the workshop.

 register for SHOW Workshop

You can also contact Laxmi Adhikari at  for inquiries and registration.


The workshop consists of three modules: communication, conflict resolution, and employee wellbeing.  

  1. Communication module:
  • When and how do you communicate at work?
  • Techniques to help listen and show that you are listening
  • Open-ended and close-ended communication
  • Active Listening
  1. Conflict Resolution module:
  • What is workplace conflict
  • Resolution and how to get there
  • Five conflict-handling modes
  • Collaborating, competing, comprising, avoiding, accommodating
  1. Employee Wellbeing module:
  • What does wellbeing mean and look like
  • Strategies to improve wellbeing
  • How to create a safe culture
  • Community resources

SHOW Project Team

Bhagyashree Katare

Bhagyashree Katare

Agricultural Economics
Associate Professor
Laxmi  Adhikari

Laxmi Adhikari

Agricultural Economics
Ph.D. student
Maria Marshall

Maria Marshall

Agricultural Economics
Professor, Jim and Lois Ackerman Endowed Chair in Agricultural Economics