gso students
2022-23 Graduate Student Organization members (pictured above, left to right): Wyatt Pracht, Emily Forsythe, Hari Regmi, Carlos Zurita, Zack Neuhofer, Haseeb Daudzai, and Zhan Wang 


Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of the AgEcon Graduate Student Organization (Ag Econ GSO) is to bring the AgEcon student body together; to promote academic and social communication among all Ag Econ students; to provide a forum in which Ag Econ students can voice their concerns and expectations; and to act as a liaison between the Ag Econ student body, administration, and faculty members. 

The Graduate Social Officers (Officers) are nominated graduate students who form the leadership team of the AgEcon GSO. They are comprised currently of the President, Vice President, Social Chairs (4), Intramural Chairs (2), Senator, Treasurer, Academic Chair, and Development Chair.

2024-25 GSO Officers

  • President: Diamilatou Kane
  • Vice President: Yi Wang
  • Senator: Emily Forsythe
  • Treasurer: Dewey Robertson
  • Academic/Development Chair: Yingxin Tan
  • Social Chairs: Emma Donnelly, Owen Zakrzewski, Anna Aarstad, Kavitha Srikanth
  • Intramural Chairs: Josh Strine, Jenish Shrestha
  • Advisor: TBA


Considering Covid, the GSO will hold the following socially distant gatherings while abiding by Purdue Protect guidelines:
  • Tuesday Coffee Hours (every other week will include a seminars or guest speakers)
  • Intramural sports (Bowling, Cornhole)
  • Mentor and Mentee program for first-year MS and PhD students
  • Micro help Desk - a tutoring service developed and led by GSO members
  • GSO Prelim meetings for the first year PhD students in our department
  • GSO Prospectus meetings for the second year PhD students 

Non-COVID year activities and gatherings (most of these have been postponed or modified due to COVID):
  • Welcome BBQ, Fall & Spring BBQ
  • Intramural sports (like volleyball and soccer)
  • Thursday Coffee hours
  • Seminar coffee hours
  • Final Fridays (informal graduate student gathering during the evening at an off campus location)

  • Students are already members of the Organization. The best way to help the officers is to actively participate in organized events. We also happily invite them to participate in planning and executing a range of activities throughout the year.
  • Staff, faculty and alums are always invited to participate in activities such as our weekly coffee hours, Final Friday and our fundraisers.  The GSO has historically received strong support from faculty and staff and we encourage their continued support by reaching out to students in social spaces, sharing research interests and generally furthering the department’s strong, communal spirit.
  • The funds raised from fund raising activities cover the costs of the events the Officers organize. Non-students can particularly contribute in this area.

  • All graduate students of the AgEcon department are automatically members of the AgEcon GSO.
  • We especially invite and welcome members who are non-officers to participate in the planning and execution of any number of portfolio responsibilities, including
    • Social committee
    • Sports/Intramural committee
    • Academic and orientation activities
    • Other committees on external student government bodies, such as the Post Graduate Student Government (PGSG)

  • Members of the GSO can offer themselves for service during elections held in the Spring semester each year. They can communicate directly to the serving Officers about their interest, or they could be nominated by the Officers or non-officer students.
  • Assisting with any of the GSO committees and activities is excellent practice for a future position you may hold.

    • President: consult with organization advisor about activity planning; oversee coordination of all activities of the AgEcon Graduate Student Organization; preside over meetings; attend meetings that require representation of the AgEcon GSO; work with the Treasurer to apply for and request funding for AgEcon GSO operations. 

    • Vice-President: assume the President’s responsibilities when he/she is unavailable; meet with the whole AgEcon student body at least once per semester; attend AgEcon GSO meetings; take photo documentation of all AgEcon GSO events and maintain AgEcon GSO social media accounts as well as help with the funding request.

    • Treasurer/Secretary: keep accounts, deposit the organization’s funds, and make expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations; provide a biannual report on budget and spending to the leadership team of the AgEcon GSO, the organization advisor, and all members upon requests; attend AgEcon GSO meetings, maintain official meeting minutes.

    • Social chair(s): organize an annual AgEcon picnic once each fall; organize monthly social; work with members of the leadership team to facilitate other activities throughout the year; arrange food, refreshments, and site reservations for each event; submit event planning forms to Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO); attend AgEcon GSO meetings.

    • Intramural chair(s): organize monthly sports activities; work with members of the leadership team to facilitate other activities throughout the year; arrange the submission of forms to apply for the different sports leagues; submit event planning forms to the Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO); attend AgEcon GSO meetings.

    • AgEcon PGSG Senator: represent AgEcon graduate students on the Purdue Graduate Student Government; responsible for voicing the opinions and concerns of AgEcon graduate students to PGSG; serve as liaison between AgEcon and the PGSG; attend all PGSG meetings and join appropriate subcommittees; keep AgEcon student body updated on PGSG events and business that is of importance to AgEcon graduate students; report to the AgEcon GSO on the relevant matters in the PGSG and consult the AgEcon GSO in matters regarding AgEcon’s position on various issues; attend all AgEcon GSO meetings. Any matter in PGSG that may require AgEcon to take a position must be relayed to the AgEcon GSO and AgEcon graduate students by the senator.

    • Academic Chair: represent AgEcon graduate students in the monthly faculty/staff meetings as well as serve as a liaison between faculty and AgEcon graduate students in matters related with academics, curricula, etc. 

    • Orientation Chair: organize and facilitate the First-Year Mentoring program. The duties of this chair are: 1) to conduct a call-out to find interested mentors, 2) to conduct surveys matching mentors and mentees into common interest groups, 3) to continuously contact mentors with reminders to encouraging mentoring throughout the school year, and 4) to search for and identify opportunities that will improve the mentoring program. S/he will report directly to the President and Vice President.