Purdue Agricultural Economics  Faculty Expertise Areas

Agricultural Finance:
Agribusiness Management:

Alternative Agriculture:
Climate Change:
Community & Economic Development: 
Computer Decision Aids:
Consumer Marketing & Food Demand:
Crop Insurance:
Energy Economics:
Environmental and Resource Policy:
Experimental Economics:
Family Business Management:
Farm Accounting:
Farm Estate Planning & Transfer:

Farm Labor Management:
Farm Leases, Business Arrangements, & Contracts:
Farm Management:

Farm Planning & Organization:
Federal and State Income Tax Law:
Food Distribution and Processing:
Futures and Options Marketing:
Grain Marketing:
Health, Nutrition, Food Security:
Industrial, Food & Agricultural Policy:

International Agriculture & Development:
International Trade:
Labor Economics:
Land Prices, Sales and Cash Rent:
Land Use:
Livestock Management & Marketing:
Long-term Projections:

Markets & Price Analysis:

Natural Resources (see Resource Economics):
Ken Foster  (food demand and prices)  Todd Kuethe (Farm Economy) |  Michael Langemeier (Farm Economy) |  Nicole Olynk Widmar  (Dairy & Livestock)
Production Economics:
Public Policy, State & Local Government and Regional Economic Analysis:

Resource Economics:

Sales & Marketing:

Small Business Development:

Small Business Disaster Recovery:

Spatial Economics :

Taxes (Public Finance) :