Graduating Senior looks back on her cherished memories on Purdue’s campus 

Emily Koch 

Hometown: Oldenburg, IN 

Major: Agricultural Economics 

Concentration: Applied Agricultural Economics 

Minors or Certificates: Animal Sciences & Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

Why did you come to Purdue: I grew up in a Purdue family and always knew I would end up here! 

Favorite Purdue tradition: The Paint Crew  


Top three influences at Purdue 

  1. Ann Tweedale Cooperative  
  2. My friends 
  3. AGEC Advisors 

Top five memories of your time at Purdue 

  1. Meeting my best friends  
  2. Italy Study Abroad 
  3. Being a part of the Paint Crew 
  4. Tailgates before football games 
  5. Sledding down Slayter Hill 

Places you have been as a Purdue student 

  • Italy for a Study Abroad, Indianapolis Zoo for an internship 
  • ISDA office in Indianapolis for an internship 


Favorite club/organization: Ann Tweedale Cooperative  

Favorite Student-led event/initiative: Ag Week  


Favorite Purdue event: Football & Basketball games 

Favorite Social Activity: Social events at Ann Tweedale 

Favorite place to study: Reading room in WALC 

Favorite spot on campus: The Union  

Favorite thing about CoA: It feels like a family. It is so fun to know someone in every class I am in.  

Favorite thing about your major: I love that there is so much flexibility. I was able to choose classes that I am truly interested in. 

Favorite class: AGEC 296 

Favorite professor: Larry DeBoer 

Coolest project: Ready Set Sell in AGEC 331 

Three biggest accomplishments 

  1. Treasurer of Ann Tweedale Cooperative 
  2. Interning jointly with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture and the Food Export Association of the Midwest  
  3. Interning with the African Elephants at the Indianapolis Zoo  


Things on your resume not listed above: Conducted research on elephant behavior during my internship at the Indianapolis Zoo, Member of Block and Bridle, President of the National Junior Red Poll Association 

Where do you want to end up: My goal is to stay around the Indianapolis area and find a job within the animal agribusiness industry.   

Advice for underclassman: Enjoy every little moment with your friends in and out of the classroom! 


Biggest takeaway from Purdue: Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Some of the best takeaways I have from Purdue came from me being pushed outside my comfort zone.