The choice to be a Boilermaker allowed for unlimited opportunity in academics, extra-curriculars, and industry experience 

Heidi Phelps 

Hometown: Groveland, NY 

Major & Concentration: Agricultural Systems Management and Agribusiness Management  

Why did you come to Purdue: As an out-of-state student I looked at many schools, but Purdue showed me that they care about their students and presented the several paths I could take. 

Favorite Purdue tradition: The fountain run 

Top three influences at Purdue: 

  1. Semester study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. 
  2. Student organization involvement. 
  3. Friends made along the way.  


Top five memories of your time at Purdue: 

  1. Horse shows with the western equestrian team. 
  2. The first warm week in the spring; playing beach volleyball, biking, and just being outside. 
  3. Boiler Gold Rush. 
  4. Den Pop Fridays. 
  5. Tailgating with friends on game days.  

Places you have been as a Purdue student: 

  • Dublin, Ireland for a semester abroad. 
  • Kansas City for AFA Leadership Conference. 
  • Indiana as a crop scout. 
  • Minnesota and Louisiana as a grain operations intern. 
  • Indianapolis for the Ag Fish Fry. 


Favorite club/organization: Purdue Western Equestrian Team 


Favorite Student-led event/initiative: Ag Week 

Favorite Social Activity: Any Purdue athletics event 

Favorite place to study: ABE building 

Favorite spot on campus: 5th floor view from the ABE building  

Favorite thing about CoA: The various ways to get involved and participate in events.  


Favorite thing about your major: The range of topics covered and job positions available to students in my major. 

Favorite class: ASM 420 

Favorite professor: Dr. Harlow 

Coolest project: Designing a farm building and layout for sheep utilizing AutoCAD. 


Three biggest accomplishments 

  1. ABE Junior of the Year. 
  2. Obtaining internships that have allowed me to travel and gain new experiences. 
  3. Helping students thrive at Purdue as an ABE ambassador and a Peer Success Coach. 

Where do you want to end up: Anywhere in the world pursuing a career in agriculture.  

Advice for underclassman: Take the opportunities that put you out of your comfort zone, that's where you experience the most growth.