Kenton Kamman 

Through networking, on-campus activities, and extracurriculars, this boilermaker is carving his path in Agriculture 

Name: Kenton Kamman 

Hometown: Columbus, Indiana 

Major & Concentration: Agribusiness Management 

Minors or Certificates: Organizational Leadership Minor 


Kenton Kamman family


Why did you come to Purdue: I was born into a Boilermaker family and watched all three of my older siblings thrive at Purdue by having the opportunity to make meaningful personal and professional connections. I enjoyed visiting them and attending the Purdue football and basketball games. Due to these positive experiences, I’ve always known I wanted to pursue my passion for agriculture at Purdue’s top-ranked agriculture program. 

Favorite Purdue tradition: Grand Prix week 

Top three influences at Purdue: 

  1. The men of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
  2. Purdue NAMA and its members
  3. Ryan Musselman

Top five memories of your time at Purdue: 

  1. Placing 4th in the 2022 NAMA Conference in Kansas City
  2. Purdue vs. IU games in Mackey Arena 
  3. Tailgating before home football games
  4. Sledding down Slayter Hill on cookie trays
  5. Riding snowmobiles on campus

Places you have been as a Purdue student: 

  • I went to Sacramento, California for an industrial sales internship with Cummins Inc. to support specialty agriculture equipment.
  • I went to Kansas City, Missouri to compete in the NAMA Conference.


Kenton Kamman group


Favorite club/organization: My favorite club is NAMA. In NAMA, we work as a team and spend many hours together formulating a marketing plan for a product and later presenting it at our national competition. 

Favorite Student-led event/initiative: BMOC by Zeta Tau Alpha 

Favorite Purdue event: Purdue Football at Ross-Ade 

Favorite Social Activity: Going to Harry’s Chocolate Shop! 

Favorite place to study: The parlor in the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity 

Favorite spot on campus: Memorial Mall 

Favorite thing about CoA: The faculty, my peers, and the connections available to you. 

Favorite thing about your major: How versatile it is and the different opportunities I’ve been able to pursue with it. 

Favorite class: AGEC 296 – Discovering Agribusiness 

Favorite professor: Ryan Musselman 

Coolest project: The marketing plans our NAMA team has developed each year for our competition. My favorite product so far has been EfficienSea.  

Three biggest accomplishments: 

  1. Placing 4th in the 2022 NAMA Competition
  2. The internships I’ve had and the connections I’ve made through them
  3. Earning Dean’s List and Semester Honors each semester

Things on your resume not listed above: 

  • VP of Logistics for NAMA club
  • Class President for the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
  • Recipient of scholarships through the College of Ag

Where do you want to end up: Wherever my career path takes me, after a while, I’d like to end up close to home so that I can work on our family farm in the evenings. 

Advice for underclassman: 

  • Always try to be ahead on assignments in your classes and apply yourself
  • Join clubs you’re interested in
  • Take your headphones out while walking to class and enjoy the company of the people around you


Kenton Kamman friends Kenton Kamman study friends


Biggest takeaway from Purdue: It’s not what you know; but who you know. Build connections at Purdue that will last a lifetime.