Multi-Generation Boilermaker makes memories while pursuing passions in Marketing and Entrepreneurship  

Name: Maeci Dristas 

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 

Major & Concentration: Agribusiness with Marketing Concentration 

Minors or Certificates: Pursuing Certificate of Entrepreneurship  

Why did you come to Purdue: I came to Purdue because that's where my parents and older sister went. I attended games and have been wearing Purdue gear since I was a baby and have not considered any college since then.  

Favorite Purdue tradition: Freshman participating in the fountain run 

Top three influences at Purdue 

  1. Mike Cassidy-ENTR 200 lecturer  
  2. Don Mackay-PMA Sponsor 
  3.  Kat Niklovoski-PMA president 


Top five memories of your time at Purdue 

  1. Grand Prix 
  2. Red dress Gala-Alpha Phi Sorority 
  3. Attending dinner with PMA sponsor, Don Mackay 
  4. Football games 
  5. Breakfast Club 
  6. Purdue Day Of Giving 

Places you have been as a Purdue student 

  • Canada and Tennessee for Greek Life Formals 
  • Internship in West Field Indiana for Human Resources internship  

Favorite club/organization: Purdue Marketing Association 

Favorite Student-led event/initiative:  Currently working on planning a 5k on campus to increase inclusivity and raise awareness for disabled persons.   


Favorite Purdue event: Football Games 

Favorite Social Activity: Grand Prix 

Favorite place to study: Union Hotel 

Favorite spot on campus: Union Hall 

Favorite thing about CoA: The culture. Everyone is friendly and the staff and advisors truly care about your future and will sacrifice their time and effort to make sure you are on track. There is no comparable environment to the CoA.  

Favorite thing about your major: I had the chance to take courses with a lot of students from different majors, it allowed me to meet people with different interests and backgrounds.  

Favorite class: ENTR 200 

Favorite professor: Mike Cassidy 

Coolest project: Working on the brand restructure for PMA members 

Biggest accomplishment: Being promoted to Vice President of Member Development   


Things on your resume not listed above: 

  • Pepsi Co Sales Management Internship in Fort Wayne – SS'22 
  • AgReliant Genetics Human Resources Internship – SS'21  

Where do you want to end up I would like to end up in a marketing or strategy consultant position in Indy or Chicago.  

Advice for underclassman: Take advantages of all the resources Purdue has to offer. There are so many opportunities to advance in your career, but you HAVE to ask questions and be interested.  

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: Surround yourself with like-minded people. You will become what your circle of friends is, so find the ones who challenge you to be your very best.