renee swider

Reflecting on my time in the CoA<

Name: Renee Swider 

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL 

Major & Concentration: Agribusiness Management  

Minors or Certificates: 

  • Minor in Global Food and Agriculture Systems
  • Certificates in Industrial Selling & Collaborative Leadership 

Why did you come to Purdue: At first, I just wanted a school with the Big 10 feel and all they had to offer. When I visited Purdue on my admitted students’ day visit, I felt so welcomed by the CoA Ambassadors that I felt at home while visiting campus.  

Favorite Purdue tradition: Sledding on Slayter Hill 

renee swider

Top three influences at Purdue 

  1. Kappa Delta Sorority
  2. AGEC 331 presentation night 
  3. Watching CoA seniors I know obtain their dream jobs

Top five memories of your time at Purdue 

  1. Basketball in Mackey
  2. Tailgating before football in Ross Ade
  3. Waking up to the Boilermaker Special
  4. Formal in Louisville, KY
  5. Traveling with friends 

Places you have been as a Purdue student 

  • Business trip with CNH internship to Fargo, ND, & New Holland, PA
  • Formals in Louisville, KY, & Nashville, TN
  • Trips with friends to Dallas, TX, St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, IN

Favorite club/organization: Kappa Delta Sorority 

Favorite Student-led event/initiative: Ag Week 

Favorite Purdue event: Grand Prix 

Favorite Social Activity: Harry’s with friends 

Favorite place to study: The Union 

Favorite spot on campus: Memorial Mall 

Favorite thing about CoA: Knowing almost everyone’s faces and names in my classes 

Favorite thing about your major: The flexibility in picking classes that interest you 

Favorite class: SFS 211 Small Farm Experience II 

Favorite professor: Dr. Scott Downey 

Coolest project: SFS 211 50-Week CSA 

Three biggest accomplishments 

  1. Dean’s List for all 6 semesters & Semester Honors for 5/6 semesters
  2. Having my pick of summer internships for senior year
  3. Making the most of college during Covid


Things on your resume not listed above 

  • TA for AGEC 220
  • EDPS 317 & AGEC 260 Mentor 
  • Kappa Delta Social Chair, New Member Educator, and Environmental Committee
  • Purdue Student Sustainability Club

Where do you want to end up: Working for an AgBusiness company in the Midwest that is committed to helping others  

Advice for underclassman: Talk to others in your classes because it will help to form friendships, know people in future classes, and know your college.  

renee swider

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: Try new things, especially with your friends, because you will form amazing memories and create new friendships.