Sam Getz

Continuously pursuing a vision while striving for excellence

Name: Sam Getz  

Hometown: Remington, IN  

Major & Concentration: Agricultural Economics, Commodity Marketing  

Minors or Certificates: Agricultural Systems Management  

Why did you come to Purdue: I admired Purdue from a young age ever since my relative took me to my first Purdue Men’s Basketball game. I grew up in production agriculture and knew I wanted to attend a thriving agricultural institution, learn more about the future of agriculture, and build relationships with the future generation of agricultural leaders.   

Favorite Purdue tradition: Grand Prix  

Sam Sam and Cargill sign

Top three influences at Purdue  

  1. Internships (StoneX and Cargil)
  2. Study Abroad to Ireland
  3. Buckmaster

Top five memories of your time at Purdue  

  1. Friendships I’ve built
  2. Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference 
  3. Tailgates
  4. Pickup Basketball at the Co-Rec
  5. Finishing the last final exam of a semester

Sam on a trip

Places you have been as a Purdue student: Purdue has given me the opportunity to travel to Ireland during spring break, as well as Kansas City for a summer internship. I grew tremendously throughout both experiences which has led to many more opportunities.  

Favorite club/organization: Commodity Trading Club  

Favorite Student-led event/initiative: Purdue Grand Prix Foundation  

Favorite Purdue event: Football games  

Favorite Social Activity: Tailgates  

Favorite place to study: Agricultural and Biological Engineering   

Favorite spot on campus: Purdue Memorial Union  

Favorite thing about CoA: The student/professor ratio within the College of Agriculture is phenomenal. The ability to ask questions and have a conversation with professors stemmed my curiosity about the opportunities Purdue offers.   

Favorite thing about your major: The dedication of professors within Ag Econ that sets a high standard the students are expected achieve. This has been challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.   

Favorite class: AGEC 321  

Favorite professor: Dr. Buckmaster  

Coolest project: Creating a “Toolbox of Spreadsheets” with Dr. Buckmaster, Noah Berning, and Grant Allyn to aid farmers in becoming more profitable, sustainable, and efficient.   

Three biggest accomplishments  

  1. Successfully managing and growing a real estate business while achieving academic success. 
  2. Obtaining two internships at Fortune 100 companies. 
  3. Earning a Series 3 License 

Where do you want to end up: I envision myself retiring on the family farm. I plan to gain commodity trading experience and pursue other learning opportunities to help grasp production agriculture at a deeper level before returning to the family farm.   

group photo

Advice for underclassman: Purdue has so much to offer. Pursue opportunities and experiences with passion and in return they will give you lasting relationships and experiences that will affect the rest of your life. Be conscious of the macro perspective, prioritize personal growth, and build meaningful relationships.   

team photo

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: Enjoy life in the present while continuously striving to improve and support others along the way.