Graduating Senior shares her Memorable Experiences as a Boilermaker  

Name: Sydney Wiesehan  

Hometown: Seymour, IN  

Major & Concentration: Agricultural Economics, Commodity Marketing  

Minors or Certificates: Farm Management  

Why did you come to Purdue: I have always known that I wanted to have a degree and career in agriculture. Purdue Agriculture is one of the best agricultural colleges… perfect match!   

Favorite Purdue tradition: Den Pops!   

Top three influences at Purdue 

  • Study Aboard (Ireland)  
  • Sigma Alpha  
  • AGEC Department  

Top five memories of your time at Purdue 

  • Studying Abroad in Ireland  
  • Attending Football and Basketball Games  
  • Sledding down Slayter Hill  
  • Sigma Alpha Big/Little Reveal  
  • Making lifelong friendships  


Places you have been as a Purdue student:   

  • Ireland – Study Abroad  
  • Kansas City, MO – AFA Leaders Conference  
  • Minneapolis, MN – Cargill Internship  
  • Louisville, KY – National Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference  

Favorite club/organization: Sigma Alpha  

Favorite Student-led event/initiative: Ag Week  


Favorite Purdue event: Grand Prix  

Favorite Social Activity: Moonlight Pancake Breakfast  

Favorite place to study: RAWLS   

Favorite spot on campus: Purdue Horticulture Garden  

Favorite thing about CoA: The College of Ag feels like a tight knit community. Everyone is always welcoming and friendly.   


Favorite thing about your major: I love the AGEC department faculty and advisors! Everyone in the department wants you to succeed and excel. They go above and beyond to make sure you thrive as an Ag Econ student.   

Favorite class: AGEC 321 and AGEC 421   

Favorite professor: Dr. Mallory  

Coolest project: Ag Econ Commodity Club – CME Group Trading Challenge  

Three biggest accomplishments 

  • Making Dean’s List and Semester Honors every semester  
  • Graduating debt free because of scholarships  
  • Completing a Grain Origination Internship with Cargill 

Things on your resume not listed above: I am a member of several student organizations, including the Ag Econ Commodity Club, Agribusiness Club, and Purdue Collegiate Farm Bureau. Additionally, I serve on the Sigma Alpha Executive Board.    


Where do you want to end up: I plan on working for an agricultural company as a commodity merchandiser or originator.   

Advice for underclassman: Network! Attend every career fair and networking opportunity you find. You never know when you will meet someone who opens a door to a new opportunity.   

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: My time at Purdue has gone by quickly. I have made lasting friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. My biggest takeaway from Purdue is to value my time and experiences and live in the moment.